Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stylist Or High Pressure Salesperson?

Does your stylist try to push a ton of products on you that you just don't need or want?

If you have ever walked away from a salon visit and feel like you've been pushed into buying products you didn't want or need, your not alone.

So why does it seem stylist now a days are turning into car salesmen pushing you to buy more, more, more?

Alot of salons now a days REQUIRE stylist to sell a minimum percentage of their service total in retail up to 50%.So if a client comes in and gets a $200 service the stylist is expected to sell them $100 of product.Now alot of people just wont do that so when one client says no the stylist has to make up their missing percentage on another client.So you may actually be being pushed into buying things not because you need it, but because your making up for a sale that another customer refused!

Stylist actually get fired if they do not sell retail at their specified service to retail ratio.This brings the problem back to the salon the stylist is at.Salons train their employees now a days with high pressure sales tactics.

Manufactures also offer incentives to stylist who sell the most of their latest product.So you may be buying something that isn't the absolute best product for your hair just so your stylist can win a blow dryer or flat iron.

Tipping your stylist more to make up for the lost comissions on retail does not make up for either of these issues.The stylist still has to make that sale someplace else!Tip more only if you want to tip more, not out of guilt.

So what can you do about this?

  • If you don't want something don't buy it! Sounds simple enough but seriously stick to your guns.
  • Tell your stylist if something isn't in your budget.If she has a choice between a 10% commission on a retail sale and a 50% commission on your service total and she knows you only have XX amount of $$ to spend, shes going to put that money where it makes her the most money.
  • If your need shampoo only buy shampoo don't be forced into buying the whole product line.
  • If you don't know exactly what a product is and exactly how to use probably don't need it and wont use it anyway.
  • You have the option of just not buying anything! If your stylist knows your the kind of person that never buys anything, maybe she will quit nagging you.
  • Tell your stylist your all set on products and if you need anything next time you ll ask them for it.
  • Or you can say "Oh that sounds great but I want to use up what I already have at home first, can you write these product recommendations down for me and Ill buy them as I need new product" This takes the pressure off you and gives your stylist hope of a future sale.
  • You can walk into any salon and just buy what you want or need, you don't have to support the salon that is forcing your stylist to resort to sneaky sales tactics.You can also compare prices this way both in salons and at online retailers and get the best bang for you buck.
  • If your stylist is annoyingly pushy and you dread the sales pitches every time you go in, find a new stylist.Its supposed to be a fun relaxing experience and stylist are a dime a dozen.

There are lots of great stylist out there and if you do decide to find a new one, read our blog article titled "Interview With A Stylist" for ideas on how to find a really great stylist and salon.

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