Friday, February 27, 2009

Is Being Obesessed With Beauty Vain and Pointless?

Am I Vain Because I'm Obsessed With Beauty?If you are reading this blog you probably love beauty products and fashion like I do but I admit I may carry it to the point of obsession at times.Many times people who have this drive to make themselves pretty are considered vain,conceded or overly self involved.Believe me,there are plenty of people that are vain that are not into fashion and beauty!

So what drives us to this passion for fashion if it isn't vanity?For me personally it is an art form.I love the unique,different and sometimes bizarre because it fuels creative passion inside.I see something beautiful in every woman I come in contact with.I don't mean "internal beauty"B.S.Lets just face it that is a load of crap.There are "beautiful" and "ugly" people who are horrible human beings and the other way around.I'm talking about actual physical appearance.First impressions only.So many women don't see their actual physical attributes for many reasons.They may have the most beautiful personality on the inside but they take a look in the mirror and see nothing they find attractive about themselves.The blow to their self esteem can impact who they are inside and how they react to others.
If you know someone or see someone who looks a little low on the self esteem department finding something attractive about that person and letting them know can make their day and possibly change their outlook on themselves.

My absolutely favorite thing to see is a 90 year old lady who's looks have long gone walking down the street in her bright red lipstick and matching red orthopedic pumps.You know when she was getting ready to go out she felt pretty and young.After all its really about how you feel about yourself.

Don't compare yourself to 90lb super models who are barely 18 years old.Look at what you find attractive in other women in your same age and size range.What are they wearing or doing with their makeup or hair that you like?Treat yourself to a new lip gloss in a similar shade, a trip to the salon for a new do, or a cute shirt in a style you've seen that you like.

Don't be afraid to look in the mirror and say yanno what I like my lips or eyes.Or god forbid...I have nice boobs!We all tend to see the worst in ourselves and focus on hiding those parts instead of enhancing the parts we like.It isn't vanity,its self love and awareness.When you exude confidence and feel attractive others will see you that way too.

Treat yourself like the princess you are and demand others to treat you the same as you treat yourself.This doesn't mean you need to be a glam queen and wear glitter and a tiara!(although that would be a nice touch)You just need to celebrate your beauty every once in a while.Enjoy being a woman ! We have enough crap to deal with in the PMS department we all deserve a little vanity and self love from time to time.And if you already a diva, ROCK ON !! Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for it. Be a good person and make others around you feel good too and you got the total package.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How To Get Long Healthy Hair

Once you get past the "growing out stage" and are trying desperately to grow length on you hair your scared to death to get a haircut for fear of setting you back a whole month on your mission.

But then it seems your hair just stops growing at a certain point...

Hair grows from the roots an average of 1/2 " per month.This growth does not stop simply because your hair gets a certain length.Chances are as your hair is growing from the roots, but it is breaking off at the ends just as fast!Keeping the ends of your hair in a healthy state is key to growing long beautiful hair.

Of course you need to get regular trims.How often really depends on your hair there is no magic number.I would say at least every 3 month get 1/2 inch trim.But a good test is when you brush your hair if it seems to "catch"the brush bristles on the last few inches then it is time for a trim.The brush catching your ends will only snap off your hair and can actually snap the hairs off mid shaft leaving little annoying stray hairs making your hair look frizzy and dry and thinning out the ends of your hair.

And following that note you need to have a good brush that doesn't damage your hair!A large paddle brush with a cushioned base and flexible bristles is ideal.Make sure the brush you are using is made for the job!A vent brush made for blow drying is made to grip wet slippery hair with rigid bristles.They are not made for detangling and brushing dry long hair and will only lend to breakage problems.

  • Don't wash your hair every day.The less wear and tear the more healthy length you'll get.If you have problems with oil use a dry hair shampoo in between shampoos and don't bring your conditioner all the way to your roots.You can even use 2 different conditioners!Use a lighter conditioner at your roots down to the base of your neck and then apply a heavier deep repairative conditioner from your neckline down on the ends of your hair.This way your ends get the moisture and nutrition they need without making your hair look greasy and flat at the roots.
Avoid tight ponytails.The constant pressure on one certain point on the hair shaft can lead to breakage.I have thick but baby fine very heavy hair to my waist and I swear by Goodys Stay Put pony tail holders.They have little rubber grips that hold hair so you dont have to tie them as tight .You can pick them up at any Wal-Mart or Target.

  • Stay out of the heat!Avoid as much blow drying and heat styling as possible.Every day heat styling is too much!Always use a heat styling protector under your flat and curling irons.
  • Don't over color your hair.More chemicals=Less hair.Stay as close to natural to maximize your growth potential.

Listen To Your Hair ,It May Be Trying To Tell You Something!
If your hair seems to fall out excessively or your hair is growing slower than the 1/2 inch a month average...check with your doctor about a possible vitamin deficiency.I know alot of people swear by over the counter pre natal vitamins for hair and nail growth but too much of a good thing can be bad so make sure to check with your doctor before you start a vitamin regiment.If you have something wrong with your body,your hair is one of the first signals of your body skimping on un- necessary bodily functions to repair itself somewhere else.Those with hair growth problems include people with heart problems,blood pressure issues,diabetes,hormonal issues,thyroid imbalance and many other serious problems so don't be afraid or feel silly for bringing up your hair to your doctor.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rock On The Range

Im really exited! Rock On The Range is coming to Columbus Ohio at Crew stadium May 16th and 17th.

Tigi Rockaholic Haircare is one of the event sponsors !

here are links to the concert events pages

and of course you can buy tickets through ticketmaster.

Motley Crue ,Shinedown, Buckcherry, The Used, Atreyu,
Chevelle, Flyleaf, Saving Abel, Saliva, Blue October, Hoobastank, Black
Stone Cherry, and many more bands on 3 separate stages.

Ive been before and it really is one of the best rock festivals in the USA so make a trip and be there!

MySpace Address

Check us out on our Myspace page for more info on who we are!
TIGI Rockaholic
TIGI Rockaholic

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's All Gel To Me! A Guide To Mens Styling Products.

Most mens personal hair care regiment consists of shampoo and gel.You go to the salon or grocery store and pick up the first manly looking bottle of gel you see never asking what it actually does for fear of looking prissy.Get home put it in after your shower and comb your hair in place perfectly knowing full well after your hair is dry it cant be touched for fear of flaking or cracking your otherwise perfectly molded ken doll hair.

I just want you men out there to know there is something better and easier!
Why do you need to use conditioner on your hair?Next to scalp health the best reason for men with short hair still need to use conditioner because it gives your styling products something to bond to.This in turn helps keep your styling products from flaking !(nothin worse than a flaky head)
Here is a quick rundown of what is what in the sea of hair styling products for men and what they do.

Firm Hold Gel:Firm hold wet look.Once dry cannot be moved
Light Hold Gel:Dry look less hold .Medium to light holds.
Pomade:Workable never dries completely giving flexibility while styling varied holds available to slick your hair back ,control curls, or add shine.
Wax:Comes in spray,stick or puck.Gives texture with very light hold.Lots of workability
Paste:Thick workable but dries to a semi moveable style.Lots of texture.Varied holds.
Creme:More texture than hold.Great non flaking alternative to gels because of workability.These also come in Firm Hold formulas for hold and style.
Clay:Twist,thicken and mold your hair.Very dense styling product with extreme styling properties.Matte finish.

TIGI B For Men

TIGI Graphic Codes

Does Your Hair Need Prozac?

Why do we have bad hair days?

Does your hair ACTUALLY have moods?

Does your hair have PMS?

Does your hair have multiple personality disorder?

Usually bad hair days can be attributed to weather.If you have curly or even wavy hair the humidity in the air can turn your head into a frizzy mess.Try using an oil based styling product under your regular products.This forms a barrier that blocks the moisture out of the hair shaft.I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum on just about everyone.It is lightweight even for fine hair to keep your hair from going limp from moisture in the atmosphere.

Static in the air can affect your hair as well.One of my favorite quick tips I give to clients in keep a dryer sheet in your purse.Not only will it make your purse smell good but when your hair starts standing up on end...just rub the dryer sheet over your hair to eliminate the flyaways and static!

Often its really us having a bad day working with our hair.If your hair isnt doing what you want that day...dont hairspray the heck out of it to make it stay.Youll just wind up a gooey mess.

Opt instead for back-up hair do's other than the traditional pony tail bun or clippies.Try scarves,headbands,waving irons,a cute braid or variations on your usual hairstyle to compensate for your hairs "moods".

Classic case of "if you cant beat em..join em..."Trying to whip your hair into shape to do the same thing every day can lead to sad depressed hair do's anyway.Maybe your bad hair day is really a rebellion ,an uprising of the follicles to overcome the everyday routine of boredom.

Think of your bad hair day as an opportunity for change!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Deal With A Bad Haircut

We've all had a bad haircut or bad perm at least once.
If you've had this happen to you first of all don't let the same stylist try to fix their mistake!Call the salon and ask for the manager and let them know you either want the manager to personally fix this or refund your money.Stick to your guns here.I know you want to give your original stylist a chance to redeem herself and learn from her mistakes...But a salon manager should be able to look at any mistakes and know what training her employees may need so your actually doing your original stylist a favor by doing this.Plus if you really wanted to be a training experiment you would have went to a beauty school and got a bad haircut for $5 instead.
Don't want to resort to a ponytail or tucking your hair behind your ears?
Your choices are shaving your hair all off or it is time to check out new styling techniques to hide that hot mess going on up on top of your head.

  • Long straight hair too short or uneven?

Check out all the awesome new clip in extensions around!You can find about every style/color/price range you can imagine.You can even take your extensions in to your NEW stylist and have them cut the extensions to match and if you get ones that are 100% human hair they are even dye able!

Try a triple barrel curling iron!The texture will hide a multitude of sins.Use like the old crimping irons and press hair between the plates and release then move down the shaft until you get to the ends.

  • Wavy long hair a wreck?

Again texture is your friend.Try using a sea salt texture spray and scrunch your waves while using a diffuser on your dryer for that beach babe hotness.

  • Bangs too sort?

Try a silk scarf or bandanna !Or sweep them off to the side using a piecing paste for texture and hold.

  • Short hair messed up?

Make it more messy! Molding cremes,waxes and sprays can be a great way to play with texture and movement.Skip the sleek polished looks until your hair is back where you want it to be and use this as an opportunity to be funky and playful!

And look on the bright side.......things could be much much worse...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Your wandering the grocery store aisles alone with dreams of a new look but don't have the cash.So you wander into the aisle where hair color is stacked sky high with pictures of beautiful women on the boxes.So now to decide ..blonde?redhead?black?brunette?It seems so simple.Pick the picture you like go home and VIOLA!20 minutes later you look like the lady on the box.....

Then the harsh reality sets in.Your naturally dark brown hair has suddenly turned a lovely shade of clown...

"But I know alot of people who do their hair at home and it looks great!"is not an excuse.

You got a little too ambitious.

Following a few simple rules can help you from looking like a crayon color.
  • Check out what your natural shade is ...then check out the color on the box.If the color on the box is more than 2 shades different than your natural hair color....leave it to the pro's!

  • Dont dye your hair black!!If you have very dark brown hair or already black hair then your within the 2 shades range.But if you have ANY other shade of hair DON'T DO IT!The only way you'll get the black out is with scissors or bleach so be prepared to commit.
  • If you have any shade of brown,red or black hair don't try to go blonde yourself.Brunettes and redheads have to go through the red/orange stage of hair decolorization and if your hair color gets stuck there....well lets just say it ain't pretty folks.

  • If you've already made a mess of your hair color..for goodness sake don't make it worse!Don't go buy a different box of hair color and assume that will fix anything.Put a hat on and go to the salon.

  • Stripping your color DOES NOT take your hair back to its natural color.It removes a degree of ALL hair color even natural hair color.Your hair will be considerably lighter and probably reddish or gold.The reason for color stripping is to lighten old color for new color application because DYE WONT LIFT DYE.Just like if you dye a shirt red...putting blue dye on the shirt doesn't make the shirt just adds more color to the mix making the shirt purple.
  • Don't buy your hair color at a grocery store!There are beauty supply places like Sally's just about everyplace that are open to the public.Its a huge step up from grocery store hair color,probably costs less,and you'll get a little more direction from the staff than the stock boy can provide.

Hair color correction can be costly.It can run up to $250+ PER HOUR.Why? Because NO ONE WANTS TO FIX YOUR SCREW UP!It is stressful ,unpredictable and time consuming.Use common sense and don't do drastic changes at home.Maintenance on an already existing look is easier than a whole makeover so plan on visiting you stylist for the first time.It is worth dropping a little cash at first instead of alot of cash in the end and still not having what you wanted.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Makeover Of The Month Febuary

This is Renee' A dear friend and client of mine who allowed me to take before and after photos to post here on my blog.
Renee' is over 60 !!! This goes to show with good skin care and the right makeup you can look as good or better than you did 20 years ago!
She is one HOT GRANNY if I say so myself.
We use a warm golden brown hair color on her with a base color of gold level 5.Her natural hair color is much darker about a level 2, but through the years we have lightened her color up and gave her more warmth to soften and compliment her changing skin tone and texture.

Here is a rundown of what we have used on Renee'
Conditioner:Pureology Hydrate
We blow dryed her hair out smooth and used a flat iron to touch up here and there .I applied the super skinny serum both wet and dry and finished her hair with a medium hold spray for softness and touchability.
Makeup list ;
Powder:Bare Escentuals Tinted Mineral Veil (Sephora)
Bare Escentuals Weather Everything Liner Sealer (Sephora) I mixed this thin and used as a liquid eye shadow and thicker as a liner for lashline.This helps with making the shadow look "fresh" even in the creases in the eyes and it makes it waterproof!I also used the same shadow to fill in her eyebrows a little to help them frame her face a little more.
I also used Lola Eye Shadow in Dreamin to highlight under her brow bone sweeping all the way across with a larger brush.It is a neutral flesh tone with just a hint of shimmer to give her eyebrows a "lift".
Mascara used is Imju Fiberwig paint on false eyelashes from Sephora.It has tiny fibers in it that attach to your natural lashes and lengthen them.It is water resistant and comes off easily with plain water but doesnt run.I love this stuff!!!
First I covered them with a bit of foundation to help with feathering and bleeding then we used Lola lip pencil in HOT.A vivd pinky red satin gloss lip pencil.
Thanks again Renee'!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

You Know You've Had Enough Of Winter When....

Is There a Difference In Salon and Drug Store Hair Products?

Ive heard this debate a million times.People say that products bought at a local grocery or drug store are no better or worse than salon brand hair care.Some people say the opposite and would never let a product from a grocery store touch their precious locks.So what is the truth?BOTH!!

To compare drug store products to salon brands is like comparing Wal-Mart clothes to Neiman Marcus clothing.Some clothes from Wal-Mart are great and work for certain situations but are they of the same quality as Neiman Marcus?Of course not.You really get what you pay for.There are ingredients and scientific research that cost alot of money that go into salon products hence raising prices.A $1 bottle of suave is not going to have the same money invested in its formulation as a $25 bottle of Matrix shampoo especially considering Suave is paying who knows how much for television marketing and the like.

There are even levels of quality in salon brands.Alot of brands have Top Shelf lines.For example Graham Webb makers of Back to Basics also has a line called HALO that is higher quality than Back to Basics.
Pureology has high quality overall but they also have their Nanoworks line which will easily cost you at least 60 bottles of Suave.
Does this mean you HAVE to go spend a ton of money for quality hair care or your hair will just be a horrid mess?
Not at all!! Drug store shampoo will get your hair clean of course and drug store conditioners may make your hair a bit better in condition .Styling products will still work from Wal-mart just like their clothes will still keep you from being naked.Its all a matter of what you want to spend and what works for you.Buy the best brand you can afford and take care of your hair.Don't over process your hair when you cant afford the products to repair the damage!
Are there good products at the drug store to save you some cash?Yes but knowing where to skimp and where not to is the key.If you have virgin hair that is as healthy as the day you were born you can probably be OK with any shampoo.If you have dry,colored,permed,problem hair you need something more conditioning.I think the #1 most important investment is your conditioner.Repairing and keeping your hair healthy is vital.A gentle shampoo and a good conditioner will make a big difference.Mix and match products until you find what works for you.
Worried about the costs involved in finding your perfect combo? Here are some tips!!!
Ask for samples at your salon or ask if they have a styling product you are considering buying on backbar and if you can come back to a station and try the product out for yourself on your own hair before purchasing.If one salon wont let you try it out then go to the mall and go to the salons there asking to try things out.Only buy where they let you try it first.This will save you spending tons of money on products you will never use.
Return products if they don't work for you!You can return used products to the salons they send them back to the manufacturers and get refunded their costs .And you can return products to the drug stores as well!You would return a shirt if you got home and it didn't work for you and you can try a shirt on at the store so don't feel bad for returning something you cant "try" before purchase.
You may find a wonder product at CVS and one at the salon ,you never know!Same with cosmetics and skin care.Find what works best for you in your budget and don't rule any product out based on advertising ,cost ,or prestige.
Don't Blame Your Lack Of Skills On Your Products!!
That blame falls on the stylist who fails to educate you on how to use the products you have and can afford.Take your products you have to your stylist and ask for a lesson on how to do your hair.Dont buy more products you dont know how to use.Ask them to let you do your own hair under their direction.You'll learn alot and your stylist will learn how to help their clients with better education in the future.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The 80's are Back Be Afraid of What Is Coming Next!

Ok so the Early 80's fashions are all over the runway.What goes around comes around right?Here are some scary fashions from the late 80's and early 90's.Is this what is next?Be afraid.....

Mom Jeans Back When They Were Cool And More Bad Fashions

10 Things A Busy Mom Must Have For Herself

As a busy mom of 3 I have discovered there are 10 things a busy mom should always have

  • 1.Cute PJ's.Lets face it some days its hard to get a shower and get dressed.At least have some cute jammies to run around in so you dont look homeless.NO SWEATS ALLOWED

  • 2.A good flat iron.One that will let you touch up your mop in minutes so your ready to head out the door in a flash

  • 3.A makeup bag in your purse with these essentials always ready to go.Mascara,Lipgloss,Hilighter stick that can work as a blush as well,Tweezers,A loadable powder brush with your favorite powder,lotion,compact mirror and a Nail buffer block.

  • 4.A pedicure kit.I use a small tote and have all my pedicure stuff in one spot for easy self pampering.I keep my polishes,files,ped egg,foot lotion and everything ready to go for when I have 10 minutes for myself.This way I dont waste my ME time looking for stuff.

  • 5.Cute Comfy Shoes.Not tennis shoes..not flip some real shoes.Ones that can take you from the park to dinner with your hubby like a pair of semi casual flats.

  • 6.Jeans that fit you.Once you have kids jeans can be your worst enemy.Invest in a good fitting dark no wash jean that hits the widest part of your body and goes straight down.These can be paired with heels for a night out or a tee for grocery shopping. Dont be the Mom Jean Statistic.You may need to invest a little time and effort here trying on pair after pair but dont settle!A perfect fitting pair of jeans are worth their weight in gold so splurge here ladies.... you deserve it and your hubby love you looking hot !
  • 7.A Hobby that does not involve kids or making things for kids or buying things for kids or absolutely anything to do with kids.Dont feel guilty.You dont have to give up everything to be a good mom.Get a good book or take a class.Just invest in yourself every once in a while.

  • 8.A classic peacoat in a bright color that will never go out of style and will last you for years.Throw it on and head out the door in style.
  • 9.A Black pencil skirt .Ya i know you hate dresses and skirts.But you should keep one around at all times.You never know when a function will come up that you need something to wear other than you fave jeans or PJs.Or maybe you want to feel pretty one night and go out.You can throw a black skirt on and a cute pair of shoes with a dressy top and look hot no matter what in minutes.Stick with the just below knee length.Chances are you arent 20 anymore so no minis after 25!If you have to bend over to pick up a baby you arent showing your draws either!

  • 10.A therapist..............

How To Choose The Perfect Flat Iron

Every girl should have a quality flat iron.Im all about low price and free beauty products that work...but being cheap here is a definite nono.Invest in a quality tool that is going to last you for years.Don't pick up a cheapo iron at the grocery store and expect to just "make do"

Problems with cheap irons:
Cheap irons =

  • #1 Cheap plates.Just because it says ceramic plates doesn't mean good plates.Ceramic is the material inside the plates not what touches your hair.Crappy plates will catch your hair on the way down ripping hair and leaving dents and marks.
  • #2 Uneven heat.Some places will get hotter than others leaving uneven results making more work for you.
  • #3 Plates not clamping right or all the way.Ugh.What a pain having to put extra pressure on certain parts of the iron to make contact with your hair.
  • #4 Not made to last.Your not going to have a $20 iron for years.Its going to short out..loose heat...or break in some way so why throw good money away.
  • #5 Extra work and damage.Time is money.Having to re-iron the same section of hair 3 or 4 times will only cost you more time and more wear and tear on your hair.

What you should look for in a good iron:

  • #1 Of course ceramic or porcelain plates.Ionic is preferable but honestly a good even heating set of ceramic plates is ideal for any hair type.
  • #2 Adjustable temperature.Look for an iron with an adjustable temperature control that heats up to 400 degrees or so.This should give you a good range to work with for just about any hair texture.Find the lowest possible temperature to get your hair straight in one to two passes with the iron.
  • #3 Swivel cord.This is vital for a few reasons.Ease of use being the most obvious.But another reason is less possibility of your iron shorting out from wires being crimped and torn inside by winding while styling.
  • #4 I prefer an iron with spring loaded plates.This is definitely optional and there are alot of good irons with non spring loaded plates.The more pressure you put on the spring loaded plates the closer the plates get to the heating element which makes for easy temperature adjustment with just a squeeze of the hand so you can put more heat where it is needed and less on delicate areas.
  • #5 Correct plate size for your hair.You may think that the longer your hair the bigger the plate should be.NOT SO!!! The larger irons are more difficult to get into tight spots like around the hair line and close to the scalp.The larger irons are really for people with hair that is straight already to use for touch ups and finishing.An iron between 3/4" and 1 1/4 " is ideal for any hair length.Easy to maneuver into tight spots and with a good iron this is plenty big enough for even thick waist length hair like mine! What about all the mini irons?Well if you have really short hair or want something just for bangs they are great.But don't buy them for novelty or travelling or your hair is more than 4 inches long.
  • #6 Pricing.Expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $300 for a quality iron.

Some of my favorite iron brands are CHI ,GHD ,RUSK ,Paul Mitchell and T3.I have 2 CHI irons one for personal use one for salon use.I have had one for 10 years or so and the other for about 6 years.Farouk Systems was bought out a few years ago and alot of the newer irons have problems with shorting out.The original old CHI irons were the best irons ever made IMO .If my CHI's ever break I plan on getting one GHD and one Paul Mitchell iron. This list of irons are only brands I have tried personally.I'm always borrowing someone else's iron to see which ones I like the best for different price options for clients and friends.

If you know of any other good iron brands you like we would love you to post here for other readers to check out!

E.L.F.$1 Cosmetics Review...Im Shocked!!!!


So I am a sephora junkie.I love my high end makeup.Especially Smashbox,Bare Escentuals,Benefit,Stila.....Imean I love the good stuff.

So I go to the grocery store to pick some things up and get some lip gloss for my 4 year old.I see this rack standing alone with a big sign that says $1 E.L.F Cosmetics full of all kinds of beauty products.

I have to check this out....What kind of makeup cost $1 anyway?Makeup for my 4 year old possibly to play in?


So I drop $10 on 10 items.I found a great variety of beautiful colored lip glosses and cover stick and hilighting sticks that I thought looked pretty enough.

I get home and rip it all open and try everything on.

First of all I would like to say the smell of every product is GREAT! I hate lip gloss that tastes or smells funky.I was pleasantly suprised.The texture was excellent.Not overly sticky or watery.I must say, I really really like their glosses!

And I absolutely love their all over color sticks
Ive been using them as blushes,hilighters,eye contour
you name it...It really does go all over!

I have all different
shades from shimmery bronzers to sheer rosey pinks

I set it with my Bare Escentuals ID Mineral Veil.

On thing im not too impressed with was the cover stick.
I mean it does cover well but it is very thick and it never seemed to dry so my powder stuck to it.

The packaging sometimes fails and the tubes dont wind up and down well but all in all for $1 you cant beat it with a stick.

Their brushes are fairly decent as well.I would put them more in thequality of a $7 10 $10 range rather than the $1 range so not a bad deal.
Here is the link to E.L.F.
An no im not a sponsor i get nothing for sending you to this website and noone asked me to do it
I just think this is a great option for any woman who is looking for a good inexpensive way to look like she spent a million bucks on herself!
I would love to know if you have tried E.L.F and what your reviews are as well!