Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview With A Stylist

Ok so your not happy with your current stylist.Youve been going there for years because gosh darn it....shes such a nice person and you feel guilty "cheating" on her.
Well I have good news!
Divorcing your stylist is easy and painless.
No lawyers no red tape.It isnt a marraige and if your stylist isnt continually bringing new things and new ideas to the table then she/he isnt a stylist.They are just a hair cutter doing the same things over and over like mowing lawns.A good stylist will keep updating his/her education to EARN their clientele so dont throw your money away on a stylist that just is in it for the cash and not the passion of the business.
Ok so now youve decided to make a clean break but your scared.....
Its OK to be scared and you very well should be.
Any yahoo with a pair of scissors can get a license and start hacking at people !
Think of it as dating your perspective hair mate.

Interview each stylist your are considering:
Where do i find perspective stylist?
Check people out everywhere you go.If you see a hair style you like ask that person who does their hair and where.
Get a manicure , pedicure ,or facial at a nice salon and ask the Esthetician or Manicurist who they would reccomend from that salon.
Dont judge a book by its cover.Ive seen butcher jobs come out of "high end" salons and amazing work come out of mom n' pop shops.Its all about each stylist individual passion and style not about working in a salon for prestige or money.

Never Ever Go To Third Base On A First Date

1st base:Styling.Painless non invasive and a great way to see what they are made of.
Make an appointment for a blow out and see if they can make your hair look great without using electrical tools.This takes some talent and training and is a great test of skills.While your there check out what other stylist are doing and what they are sending out the door.If you see something you like ,make note of where that stylist chair is and what they look like and call in and ask about that stylist.Ask about what kinds of continuing education the salon offers to their stylist.Let your stylist know you are looking for a simple easy way to do your hair that does not involve flat irons or curling irons and make sure they show you how to do the same thing at home.Get your hands in there and ask if they can show you how to hold the brush and blow your how out properly.A good stylist will take the time to educate you.A bad stylist just wants to get you out the door as quickly as possible and get paid.

2nd base=color...Color is much easier to correct than a cut.Go for a nice semi or demi permanent alternative to test their skills.Ask what shade,base color and what level color as well as the brand they are using.Then ask them why they are using that.Educate yourself as much as have every right to know what is going on with your hair dont feel guilty for asking as many questions as you want.A knowledgeable stylist will welcome the chance to show off their database of information they have collected through the years.

3rd now your ready to consumate your relationship with a cut.First time go slow and easy ...just a trim...maybe some texture added...remember you still dont know this person as well as you need to before your biggest commitment together ever.........Your new style baby.
Once you are sure this is the stylist for you then you can consider a change of look.Bring in photos of what you like.Bring several different looks and ask the stylist what would be the best for your hair and ask why.Then GO FOR IT!!!

Build your relationship
Educate yourself as much as possible and tap your stylist brain.Ask about every product and ask why they are using it and what it does.I know you want to dive in and tell them all your secrets and make a new friend ...but try to stick to their skill level and getting to know their stylist personality first.Ive heard over and over as a stylist that a client will retun to you if they like you as a person even if your skill level isnt up to par.That is a fundamental clientele building tactic.Make them like you and they will be back.Dont be that client.Make your stylist earn their keep by educating themselves and you and the friendship will grow out of respect and gratitude for a job well done and youll look and feel better than ever.


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