Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Big Bad Blunt Bangs

Maybe its just being a child of the early 90's that makes me so critical of bangs.But I really do find alot of bangs I love out there.But there are more factors to consider in selecting a bang than how long you want them.Nothing can make or break a look like the hair framing your face.

If you have a large cranium why on earth would you accentuate the largeness of your head by starting your bangs half way to the back of your head?

To avoid looking like your bangs are eating your face alive take your head shape into consideration just like you would take your facial features into consideration.If you have a shorter forehead and delicate features then go for the bangs starting farther back.But if you have a large head, please I beg you, choose a bang that starts closer to the front of your hairline .If you have a head that is wide across the forehead area go for a more side swept version of the blunt bang or a softer look.

On the other hand make sure your bangs don't look like your mom took you to get a good short bang trim at the local great clips for $5.I hate the totally disconnected short bangs that don't flow with everything else.Putting a bang just doesn't look good with every single hair cut.You don't have to "blend" the bang but make sure the look of the bang flows with the overall look.

Trust me, I know all too well, bad bangs will haunt you forever!

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