Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hot Gladiator Shoe Knockoffs

Gladiator shoes are hot this year
I have been seeing them everyplace.
I love to have fun with my accessories but I try to stay a bit budget minded on fads.
Who knows if gladiators are next years fashion "dont"!
Check out these knockoffs of Dior Gladiator shoes I found online at 10% of the price of the originals!
There are some great gladiator shoes on Ebay too ranging from $25 to $200 brand new so dont forget to check there for a bargain!

On top:Dior $700

On bottom:Candice $70

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Shampoo The Right Way

For years Ive seen shampoo commercials and advertisements featuring a girl lathering her long hair up into a wad of luxurious lather on top of her head in a hot steamy shower ....

I want to yell "STOP DOING THAT" every time not buy their shampoo. Makes my nether regions cringe in fright .

SO I thought I would write a step by step article for all those advertisers who are apparently more concerned with marketing what looks good instead of healthy hair.

  1. Brush your hair with a soft natural bristle brush.Get in there and get juices flowing in your scalp to release oils and detangle the hair before you get it wet.Wet hair is more elastic when wet so get as many tangles as you can out before you wash.
  2. Get your hair thoroughly wet with warm water.This opens the cuticle of the hair shaft allowing oils to come out and softens styling products.It also opens up the pores on your scalp similar to using a warm rag prior to shaving to open the follicles allowing dirt and debris to loosen.
  3. Apply your shampoo to your scalp area ONLY.Massage your scalp and work the dirt and oils loose.
  4. Rinse with warm water
  5. Apply a second shampoo starting again at your scalp and again use your finger tips in a gentle circular motion along your scalp to release any underlying oils in the skin.Work the shampoo down the shaft gently.NEVER EVER bring the ends of your hair up to the scalp.You want to keep your hair as tangle free as possible during the process.Don't matt your hair into a ball and scrub it into a tangled mess.Allow your hair to fall naturally and wash it in a downward motion to keep from roughing up the cuticle(outer layer)
  6. Rinse again in warm water.This allows the cuticle to remain opened up to allow for penetration of your conditioner.
  7. Apply conditioner from your nape line down to the ends.Avoid putting heavy conditioners directly to the scalp area because this can leave you looking greasy.Wait a minute or two and let the conditioner do its job.Shave your legs and whatnots while you wait.Run your fingers gently through your conditioned hair to make sure youve gotten the conditioner through all of your hair and remove any major knots gently with your fingers.
  8. Now a final rinse with cool water to seal the shaft and close down your scalp pores.
  9. Rough (not roughly) detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb.Just get any major knots out.
  10. Use a large paddle brush with cushioned base to detangle your hair the rest of the way, working in sections.Get any tangles out toward the bottom of the hair first then work towards the scalp.

Advertisers make showering seem so glamorous and everyone seems so happy to clean and lather while grinning orgasmically in the process.Maybe other people shower like that but when im in there im on a mission to get my peices and parts clean, exfoliated and shaved.So dont be fooled by the gimmick of the pretty wad of foam!

Combatting Oily Hair

I'm all about the why.SO before I get into solutions you need to be educated on why you may ave excessive oils in your hair.

The sebaceous gland that rests along each of your hair shafts just under the skin is the culprit.It is the oil producing gland.

In general the finer or thinner each hair shaft is the more oil escapes to the surface of your scalp.If each of your stands of hair and fine but you have a large amount of hairs per square inch then your oil problems are increased because you have more sebaceous glands.The thicker the hair shaft is the more oils are blocked from squeezing out to the surface.
The hair shaft wicks the oil up out of your scalp.Your hair doesn't actually product oils at all.So battling oily hair is really battling oily scalp.

Sebum (oil) is regulated by the male hormones called androgen's.The more of these androgen's you have the more active your sebaceous gland becomes.

On that note I must say a visit to the Doc to have your hormone levels checked could be a good idea if your have chronic problems with oily hair.

Now here are some simple solutions to help you win the battle.

  • Use a shampoo that is clarifying.An easy way to tell if a shampoo will clarify is buy a see through shampoo.The more milky a shampoo is the conditioners and other things have been added to it.

  • Shampoo twice.If the first shampoo isn't lathering up well it is because the shampoo is binding with the oils in your hair preventing it from foaming.So your second shampoo should get things moving.You can even apply your first shampoo to your hair dry for ultra deep cleansing!

  • Squeeze your melon when your shampoo!Give yourself a good scalp massage to squeeze out any leftover oils trapped under the skin.Only do this during your shampoo so you can cleanse it.Over massaging your head at the wrong times actually stimulate the sebaceous glands to product more oils.

  • Use an astringent on your scalp.You can use witch hazel or your facial astringent applied with a cotton ball to your scalp.This helps dry and slow the oil production.

  • Don't over brush your hair. This just stimulates those glands and causes more oils to be wicked down your hair shaft.

When you want to skip a day of shampooing but don't think you can cope, use baby powder or talc.Apply it directly to your scalp/problem oily areas.Shake it around so it bonds to the oils then brush it out with a natural bristle hair brush.This works best on lighter colored hair.Darker hair can do this but powder sparingly or try using a dry hair shampoo.

  • Don't apply your conditioner to your scalp.Many people will tell your to just skip the conditioner but clarifying shampoos can be very damaging to the hair shaft.Since the hair shaft cannot repair itself you really need to condition it to keep it from damaging.Just apply it to your ends only.Get the places where the natural oils do not reach.If you have trouble keeping the conditioner off your scalp in the shower then use a spray leave in conditioner on the last few inches of your hair to help detangle and maintain the integrity of the hair.

    Eat well.Eating foods high in proteins and healthy oils like nuts and lean meats and dairy can help strengthen your hair.Since hair is made of protein, a diet low in protein will produce scraggly hairs which in turn allows more oils to escape from your scalp.Also look for foods that are high in vitamin A, Beta carotene , and essential fatty oils such as flax seed oil which have shown in various case studies to regulate glandular activity.(I am no Dr. so I recommend you research these studies yourself and make your own decisions)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Curly Hair Care Including African-American and Bi Racial Children

Naturally curly hair can be beautiful so don't fight your blessing!

Most issues with curly hair lie in styling products and handling.

Here you can see in the image cross sections of hair

The actual shape of the hair is different in curly hair.Asian hair is typically round coming out a round shaft.

African heritage hair follicles and Caucasians with curly hair actually have flatter hair follicles producing a flatter hair shaft.

The biggest difference is basically the rounder the hair shaft the more oils are released along the shaft.Flatter, curly hair follicles do not allow as much natural oil to be released along the shaft.The curlier the hair, the dryer it is.

Select your hair styling products with this in mind.You will need more moisture and oils in your products.The good news here is your hair should not be washed as often.Most people with curly hair can go up to a week before washing their hair.Over washing dries what little natural oils you have and makes your hair look dryer and frizzier.

After you wash your hair , use a wide tooth comb that is sturdy.Comb the tangles out starting at the bottom.If you begin at the top you just push the tangles into other tangles making huge knots that rip your hair out upon removal.While you can use a wide tooth comb or a large bristle brush while your hair is wet, NEVER brush or combs your hair while it is dry.

Gels, mousse and hairsprays should be used sparsely.First of all these items are alcohol based and again avoid anything that dries your hair out.Look for texture creams, lotions and balms or pomades that have a little hold but give a soft manageable feel instead of a crunchy dry gelled look.You can use oil based products as well which form a moisture barrier to keep your hair from frizzing under humid conditions.

If you are Caucasian with extremely curly hair don't be afraid to look into African-American hair care products.African- American haircare lines like Mizani or Keracare which are very readily available.These brands carry more of a variety for curly hair than say Matrix or Redken will.Most of the lines like Matrix etc. do make lines for curly hair but with the intentions of making the hair even more curly.But when your looking to tame excessive curls look to brands that specialize in this.Generally the more curly your hair is the more moisture you need.Look for oils like coconut and jojoba oils.Stay away from petroleum based products.

If your a mother of a bi-racial child and have never had experience with curly hair, educate yourself on the needs of your child's hair.Cacasion/asian and other races with naturally straight hair have more oils and need to use different products than curly headed people.

Instead of washing your little ones hair every day, use a daily moisturizer.She may need you to apply natural oils to her hair and scalp.Use a cream hair dressing to style her hair and keep the hair tied up as much as possible to keep it from becoming a tangled mess while she plays.Make sure she has her special wide tooth hard combs and natural bristle brushes to ease the long process of combing out her hair after washing.

Keep it soft and natural looking.Don't overuse products to the point where your hair looks wet all the time.

I recommend air drying for natural curls BUT if you do want to blow dry your hair make sure you use a diffuser on your hair dryer.This buffers the flow of air from the dryer and gives your more of a radiating heat to dry your hair instead of tossing and tumbling your hair in the air making it look frizzy.

If you want a softer curly look try setting your damp hair in large pin curls and let air dry or sit under a hood dryer.

Once the hair is dry take the pins out and gently pull and place the ringlets in place with your hands coated in a light styling cream.

This can be done on any hair type but works best on light to medium curly hair.
Did I mention........NEVER COMB OR BRUSH DRY CURLY HAIR!!!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let Us Know What You Need

We would love to know what you are looking for!
Post comments here requesting us to add your favorite discontinued or hard to find beauty product to our list of items we search for.
Please make sure to include information such as formula changes if there is a certain ingredient you want to be in the product if they have reformulated and no longer have that ingredient anymore.
We will do our best to get the item in for you, and if we cant find it we will do our best to tell you where you can buy it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flat Limp Hair Solutions

Well here is one option...

But in leiu of sticking a fork in your outlet every morning here are some tips and tricks.

Use a blow dryer with a cool shot button.Flip your air over and get it nice and toasty near your scalp, then push the cool shot button and cool it down before you flip your head back over.This acts much like a roller set or curling iron setting the body into your roots.

Avoid too much product!A lightweight styling product like Joico Bodyluxe Root Lift Foam is great, but only put it at your roots.Added product adds added weight.Keep your ends as light as possible to keep them from weighing your style down.

Use an aerosol hair spray that goes on almost dry.Spritz hairsprays take time to dry weighing you down.The dryer the hairspray on contact the better.Wetter hairsprays are basically a mist hair glue and can gunk your hair up.Dryer sprays will leave little beads on your hairshaft which work like a zipper adhering to each other.I love the new TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hair Spray . It smells a little like fresh oranges ( im a smell junkie).

Use a clarifying shampoo from time to time.Build up can add weight to your do, but dont use a clarifyer every day because it can dry your hair out.I add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to a few cups of warm water and rinse it through my hair every once in a while to avoid buildup.

Use a light daily shampoo and conditioner.Avoid bottles that say "hydrating" or "smoothing" as they are probably too heavy for your hair.

Avoid long hairstyles that make your hair look straggly.Long hair isnt pretty if it isnt pretty hair girls.

Dont overtease your hair! Teasing can be hard to hide with fine hair. When the day wears on your hair you can look like a ratty mess.Try using velcro rollers to add volume and find a style that will look great even if it falls limp.Bigger isnt always better when it comes to hair.

Lighten your hair color!Sounds simple enough but this works for a few reasons. The process can add texture to your hair and lighten the load on each individual strand.Also if you have problems with your scalp showing, lightening your hair can buffer the contrast between your hair color and your scalp color making your hair appear thicker and fuller.

Share your tips and tricks for fuller hair with us aand our readers!Post a comment:>

What Can I Do About Damaged Hair & Split Ends

There are a million products out there that claim to repair split ends.

Under a microscope you can actually see the fraying of the hair that looks somewhat like a broken twig.Since hair is not alive it cannot repair itself.Products that claim to repair this damage are actually just smoothing out and sealing the damage.When the product is removed the damage still exists and unfortunately cannot be repaired much as a twig cannot really be repaired.
These products are great for hiding the damage from eyesight until the damage has grown out or been cut off.

What works and why?

The actual structure of the hair consists of 3 parts.The cuticle or outside layer,the cortex or middle layer and the medulla which is the core of the hair shaft.

In fine thin and fragile hair the medulla, or core of the hair is smaller and in some cases almost non existent.

Since this is the layer that holds you hair together a weak medulla can actually make your hair more susceptible to breakage.

Using a protein reconstructor can strengthen all 3 layers of the hair shaft to help avoid breakage by filling any weak spots with proteins like keratin which you hair is naturally made of.A word of caution here though..More is not always better.You can get an overload of protein in your hair which when the proteins harden instead of making the hair shaft stronger can actually make it brittle and cause it to snap even easier! Limit your hairs protein intake to no more than one treatment per week.

The middle layer or cortex of the hair shaft is affected greatly by perms and hair color.This is where the majority of your hair color is stored so over coloring can weaken this layer very easily.In overly processed hair these chemicals damage the integrity of the medulla as well causing breakage.Avoid overly processing your hair with chemicals to keep the core strength of your hair in tact.
In the photo here you can see the dark spots are actually melanin granules in the cortex(middle layer) of the hair where it is stored.
Outside of the cortex is the cuticle which is much like shingles that are opened with chemicals to allow for penetration of hair color and perms.
Other chemicals in these processes close the cuticle back down .
Heat styling can break down the cuticle layer of your hair also causing it to become rough and brittle.
Once the cuticle layer is overly damaged it will no longer be able to close down sufficiently.This causes the hair to feel rougher and catch easier on combs and brushes causing snapping fraying and breakage.
Daily conditioners smooth over this outer layer of the hair.Use a conditioner that is sufficient enough to eliminate most tangles and knots smoothing them out to make brushing less damaging.
Always use some sort of heat protection when you blow dry and heat style.A product to make flat irons glide over the shaft is helpful as well.
A good brush with as little drag as possible will do wonders for your hair.
Trimming split ends are a necessity.When your brush catches on the ends of your hair it only causes your hair to split higher up on the shaft leaving a new shorter split mangled end.
Just use common sense and don't expect miracles.Repairing damage takes time so in the mean time strengthen what you have now to prevent more damage, hide the damage you have as best you can, and baby your hair so you can minimize future damage.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Huge Moving Sale Coming

We are currently outgrowing our warehouse space.To keep our inventory growing and to be able to keep more items available we will be relocating our entire inventory the beginning of May 2009.
Our new warehouse will be 10X larger than our current facilities.
We will be having a huge sale on items in our current warehouse to get ready for the move!

The sale will begin on Saturday April 21st. And run all week.

We will be having a private Pre-Sale the week before for customers who are subscribed to our mailing list the week prior to our public sale.You can join our mailing list at .Just fill out the box that says Join Our Mailing List.

When you join our mailing list here is what you can expect:

No spam or marketing emails

No sharing of your information ever

We will send you an email informing you of new items added to our inventory

You will receive private sale coupons from time to time

I HATE spam emails but I decided on making a mailing list because I get flooded with emails asking "please let me know when this product is in stock"We do not have the means or the manpower to keep track of every single person and every single product they are looking for.I wish we could, but this is the closest thing I could come up with to solve that problem.
We sell mainly discontinued and hard to find beauty products so our inventory is forever evolving and changing as products become discontinued or reformulated and items become scarce.

I also felt like our loyal and repeat customers deserve an extra bonus discount from time to time.
The presale for our moving sale will include coupons with even greater savings than our public sale!
Discounts will apply to Erryns Health And Beauty items only and will not include Ebay or prior purchases.

New Shipment In March 2009

We are adding new products all week so check for your favorite discontinued beauty products because they may be in stock now!
We have also added many of Essie and CND polishes to our inventory already.Cost per polish is only $5.99 with free shipping in the USA.We are planning on having hundreds of colors in stock by mid April.
Many sizes of CHI spring loaded curling irons are in stock again.They sell out fast so if your looking for one, grab it while you can!
We will also be increasing our inventory of Sebastian Trucco Cosmetics.We will have alot of new makeup in the catalog by the end of March 2009.
Most shades of Artec Colorist Collection Shampoo and Moisturizers are also in stock.These have been repackaged and reformulated as Loreal brand so the original Artec packaging and sizes will be increasingly hard to find.Loreal will no longer make the 32 Oz bottles of color shampoos and I have yet to find an 16 oz. bottles either shampoo or moisturizer.The new Loreal line will probably run about $20 per 8 Oz. bottle in salons.Artec Textureline products are also being changed due to the Loreal buyout.Many textureline products will simply not be manufactured anymore.We will try to keep as many of the Textureline products in stock for as long as we possibly can.
We get new shipments at least once a month sometimes twice a month so check back often.

Growing Your Hair Out From Any Length

Ive done it over and over again.Cut my hair all off then immediately begin the growing out process.Ugh what a nightmare.You want to hang on to every scraggly little piece of hair hanging down at its longest point.Your hair gets out of shape and everyone can tell your growing your hair out and you look a mess all the time.Finally you cant take it one more minute and decide it isn't worth the drama and tell you stylist you give up just cut it all off.Your stylist tries to talk you into getting a trim hoping you ll be able to cope better if it is just shaped up,but finally she gives in to your whining and just does what you ask.Then the guilt and regret kick in again ,you've set yourself back months .You worked so hard and went through all that for nothing to be back where you started.

Growing your hair out is a huge commitment.
Think of it like a 250 lb woman who decides she wants to be a size 4 and is committed to the process.She has that number set in her hear but after months of hard work and effort ,size 4 seems like an impossible number.So she gives up and thinks there is no way she can do it.We all know she should set small goals to keep herself motivated and it seems like a simple concept when it comes to weight.
This same concept can be applied to growing your hair out!

Set a goal then set mini goals to achieve along the path to your ultimate goal.Pick a style a little longer than the one your wearing.Don't hang on to every thread of hair for the simple fact it is longer than another.Set yourself up to succeeed by growing into a versatile style that can be easily transformed into the next step in achieving your goal haircut.
Growing out in steps will help you feel like your getting someplace faster.You also will look like you are a chameleon of style instead of a frumpy mess

Growing out from:
  • Short Pixie
Aim for an ear skimming to mid ear style.Try to keep the nape short and grow some bulk in the crown and bangs to give yourself something to work with.
  • Ear skimming
Next step would be a style at your earlobe.Here is where you can start aiming for your goal style whether it is layered,a bob or decide on a bang.
  • Earlobe length
Now look for a chin length style that will grow out easily into what your going for.
  • Chin Length
Look for a flattering style that hits your collar bone.A shorter version of your ultimate goal hairdo is quite possible now!
  • Collar Bone Length
Check out collar length and shoulder skimming possibilities
  • Shoulder Length
After you get to your shoulders growing your hair out is a piece of cake.The floors the limit!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Classic Bob Gone 2009 Chic

The old blunt heavy bob has a new shape now-a-days with great stacking,layering and angles.
Showing up all over the red carpet are the latest versions of this classic hair style.
The bob is ideal for oval and long thin face shapes but just about anyone can wear a bob if it is the right length to balance you facial features.
  • If you have a round face stick with a bob that hits well below the chin line with stronger lines to balance the roundness.
  • If you have a larger chin and angled features, you may want to stick with a softer wispier bob with layers .
  • A shoulder skimming bob is great for the less adventurous souls who want a sleek cutting edge haircut but still want to be able to pull their hair back.

Although a bob looks like the simplest haircut, It is actually the hardest haircut to master.Make sure your stylist is well experienced so you don't end up with a choppy triangle instead of a sleek bob.

Terms to use to express to your stylist what you want:
  • Victoria Beckham/sling bob/inverted bob/stacked/textured
  • Jenny McCarthy/shoulder skimming sling bob/soft long layers/bulk out of bottom
  • Gwenneth Paltrow/Blunt shoulder length bob/uniform length in the front /sling back.
  • Paris Hilton/Just below chin /rounded/alot of inverted layers/piecey/whispy/soft bangs
  • Katie Holmes/Chin length/round/extremely layered/textured/whispy
  • Nicole Ritchie/Uniform Length/Soft side swept bang/beveled weighted bottom

Remember to take your photos with you to the salon!

Have Trouble Getting Your Hair To Stay Up?

Ive already posted once on my fave pony tail holders that will hold ANY hair type which is Goodys Stay Put pony tail holders you can pick up just about anyplace.
But alot of people want to put their hair up other than with a pony tail.
Feel like you hair is too heavy to put up?Or too fine and limp and it just slides back out of place?

You are probably using your accessories wrong!

If you are using bobby pins make sure you cross them.One pin wont do you a bit of good they are made to interlock and stay in place.Try different sizes of bobby pins too.A big pin will slide out of fine hair and long thick hair needs a good size bobby pin to hold in place under the weight.

I love using chopsticks and with a little practice they can be your best friend.Twist your hair up as you want it the take the first chopstick and stick it through the bun on one side.Go straight in like your stabbing your head.Then gently turn the chopstick and push it down at an angle through your hair.Repeat on the other side crossing the sticks by sliding the second stick under the first.

The same method applies to large hair pins which come in a variety of designs and styles.

As far as barrettes go larger barrettes are for holding and smaller barrettes are for accessorizing so get the right barrette for the job.

A little trick I learned when my girls were little and had that silky baby hair was to help barrettes stay in is take your old glue gun and apply a thin strip of glue to the part of the barrette that comes in contact with your hair.It doesn't take alot of glue just a smear or thin beaded like will do.When you put your barrette in ,the glue when dry is almost like a rubber gripper to hold the barrette in place.

If you have any ideas,tips or tricks you use to keep your hair up in an unusual way wed love to hear about it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Pedicure Tips and Tricks

Are your feet ready for spring?Your toes have been couped up all winter and are dying for some fresh air but are they "scene"ready?

If you have calloused heels I highly recommend buying a ped egg.You use it on dry feet and it grates away the callouses.Be careful though it is easy to get carried away!(Ive left sores being over zealous with mine)Ive found light strokes are better than hard deeper strokes.You don't want to rub too hard because that can actually be counter productive.The friction can cause your feet to build even more callouses which is your body's natural defense to build a pad of skin to protect the delicate underlying skin.So don't go too deep, a little callous is OK!

Another thing you can do to soften callouses is lather a thick lotion on right before bed or when your running around the house and wear socks to keep the lotion in place and soaking into your feet.

If you have extremely calloused feet and no matter how much filing or lotion you do it just comes back or gets worse,it may not be callouses!It could be a fungus infection caused by the same fungus that causes athletes feet.Check with your doctor if this is the case.They can do a quick, painless skin culture to see if that is what is going on.You may want to try an athletes foot cream or your doctor may even suggest a medication because this kind of infection can get into your blood stream and spread to your nails and other areas.

Don't ignore your toe cuticles!You may not get hangnails on your feet but your cuticles still grow,crack and dry out on your feet.Push back your cuticles on your toes and use an orangewood stick to remove the flap of adhering skin that binds your cuticle to your nail.

I love the orangewood sticks that are coated in sand grit at the ends.They really get into the little spots for a clean professional looking finish.

Trim your nails straight across not angled down at the corners to avoid ingrown nails.If you file your nails,file from the outer edge inward in long sweeping strokes.This helps keep your nails from breaking and chipping.

Polish or Au Naturale?
If you are an all natural girl and don't like to polish your toes use a non yellowing clear coat on your nails to keep your nails looking healthy and shiny.If your like me I feel naked without toenail polish in a bright color.It is a good idea to let your nails go natural from time to time though to keep your nails from yellowing.

When it is time for polish here are a few tips to keep your polish on and keep it from chipping.

  • Use a low grit buffer on the surface on your nail beds.Don't buff until your have grooves, you just want to take the natural seen off of the top of the nail.This gives your polish something to grip to.CND makes a great base coat called Stickey that is an anchoring basecoat to keep your polish on even longer.
  • After filing and buffing make sure you wash your feet well to prevent particles from making your polish less than perfect.
  • Wipe your nails down with polish remover BEFORE you polish.This will help remove any left over natural oils and any transferred oils from your hands.
  • Always use a bascoat to keep your nails from staining!
  • Make sure you let your polish dry completely between coats so your polish will cure all the way through.
  • After you apply your 2 coats of polish, use a heat cure topcoat.I use a coat of CND Shiney and a coat of CND Air Dry .
  • Brush a drop or two of cuticle oil like CND Solar Oil on top of your wet polish.This helps light bumps to your nails from denting your polish.It also helps keep lint and particles from adhering to your polish while it is tacky and ensures a glass like finish while conditioning your cuticles.

If you follow these simple rules your polish can stay unscathed up to a month or until your nails grow out and it is time to do it again if you aren't scuffing them up in the pool or washing floors on your hands and knees barefoot.

I love a good french pedicure on toes as well.Ive tried the forms and paints but the best french pedi I can do on myself is using a thick white nail polish or even an acrylic craft paint in white with a long fine haired artist brush.Make sure you use enough paint on the brush to sweep all the way across the tip on one sweep for the best results.After it dries use an opaque topcoat.Stay away shades that are too yellow in tone if you are paler because you just look like you have a nail fungus.Look for a slightly pink shade.Darker skin tones can go for the more yellow tones.Make sure you still do your base/topcoat routine on french peid's!

Be festive with your feet and go for a color you would never wear on your nails!
Now go show your piggy's off!

Product Review Imju Fiberwig Paint On False Eyelashes

Product Review Imju Fiberwig Paint On False Eyelashes
The #1 best selling mascara in Japan is making strides in the US market.I purchased my first tube at Sephora and am on my second tube now.I use the black which is very dark jet black.This stuff is great I must say.The mascara itself is thin and doesn't clump at all.There are tiny pieces of fibers that adhere to your eyelashes building a very realistic eyelash longer than your natural lash.If you want your lashes longer than the first application wait about 30 seconds and re-apply.It isn't touted as water proof but as water resistant.However it doesn't run or smear like most non-waterproof mascaras Ive tried.It almost peels off when you want to remove it.If you end up rubbing your eyes it kind of flakes off so check your cheeks for fallout every once in a while.You can use plain water to remove which I love not having to use an oil based product or harsh cleanser on my very sensitive skin.The only down side is you cant really apply it very close to the lash line because the fibers poke your eyelid and irritate.I usually use a waterproof cheap mascara right at my lash line and on the bottom lashes then use my paint on eyelashes on the tips.You don't really want to wiggle the brush on application to separate your lashes either because it can make the fibers bend and look kinda crazy.I sat and played with it one night and made my lashes so long they touched my eyebrows!(wish I had a pic of that)It runs about $22 a tube.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Wedding Hair Tips For 2009

Spring time is rapidly approaching and with spring comes I Do's.In the rush to make all your last minute plans and fittings...dont forget to make an appointment with your stylist for a consultationand trial run for your hair and makeup!

Ask your stylist if he/she feels comfortable doing your selected style on your special day.Updo's and special occasion styling can be a very difficult and takes specialized training and alot of work to do.If your stylist isnt comfortable with doing this type of look I bet they know someone who can do it! I have always been dubbed the UPDO queenand everyone sends their clients to me for special occasion do's.This is common practice in this situation so dont feel badly for asking your stylist reccomendation.Alot of stylist absolutely HATE doing weddings because of they just dont feel comfortable being in that position for such a special day.They may be the queen of cut or color but not so apt in the curls and pins department.Its a whole different ball game.

  1. Make your appointment way ahead of time so your sure you can get in and out when you need to.

  2. Bring your tiara,veil or clips in with you on your trial run so you can decide on placement.

  3. Take pictures of your hair at different angles to remind your stylist exactly what they did on the run through and you can critique the photos and decide if there is anything you want tweaked on your day.Wear the style around and see how it will hold up to changing clothes and weather.Jump around and dance a little ,see if anything flops or comes loose.

  4. Take the pins out and see how difficult it will be for you to take down and how it will look after all is said and done.You dont want to get to the hotel and fight with your hair.Im sure youll have better things to do then:>

Before you visit your stylist on trial run day figure out what theme your looking for.Long gone are the days of fussy wedding hair that competes with your dress for attention.In is hair that compliments your overall look and enhances your natural beauty.Bring in several of your favorite photos so you can see what will work best for your hair.

  • Classic elegance? A simple pulled back classic chignon is always timeless and elegant.

  • Soft Romantic?A soft wave adds a delicate romantic touch to an up do without looking over the top.Try a simple loose braid to dress up the look a bit.

  • Easy Natural Beauty?Alot of brides are wearing their hair down or half down now.Soft tangled locks with a beautiful simple accessory or a gentle natural wave will make your look like you don't even have to try to be drop dead gorgeous.The soft romantic looks are easily transitioned into the easy natural beauty looks for a hair change at your reception too!Then you can dance the night away without worrying about your hair flopping or pins poking.

  • Short hair?You can still do something special with your hair for your special day.Try a retro wave or a simple accessory to spice it up a little.

Keep in mind the weather! Spring can bring the unexpected rain and humidity so plan for the worst and hope for the best.Don't try to fight your natural hair texture on your wedding day.If you have naturally curly hair, opt for a curly or wavy style so you don't end up with a head of fuzz.If it takes a gallon of spray to make your hair curl, stay away from the overly curled looks so if it gets damp outside your not left with a sticky mess.

Buy an old lady rain bonnet to keep nearby just in case you have to dash to the limo in the rain.
Talk to your stylist and see if she or someone she knows would be available to do touch ups!Ideally it would be perfect to have a touch up person to check you over right before you go down the aisle after your get dressed,before and during photos and before you go to your reception if you want to change dresses and possibly let your hair down to PARTY!

Remember most importantly of all,no matter how much you plan something will always go wrong.Don't stress it! Its all about you day so look beautiful, be in love, let everything else work itself out and enjoy.