Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clip In Hair Pieces

All the celebs out there wear extensions of one kind or another.A great alternative for permanent expensive extensions are clip in extension.Branded by Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton and even Dr.Boogie from Shear Genius can run you a good $100 or more.

But what do you do when you cant find the right texture,color or length to match your hair? Or maybe you just cant justify the price in your mind.

Make your own! You can purchase all the item you need at your local Sally Beauty Supply or other public beauty supply.The costs are minimal, usually under $40 or so.
A few things you want to keep in mind when looking for hair wefts.You want to buy the best hair you can for the money. 100% remy human hair is important.
Also look for cuticle correct hair.This means all the cuticles on the hair shaft are facing the right direction like hair grows naturally.Cuticle correct hair will have more shine, wear better, provide easier brushing and styling.

Here is a great video on how to DIY your hair pieces.

You can dye your hair pieces with whatever color you are using for a perfect match as well.Cutting your extensions to match can be done by your stylist or at home yourself. When you want to cut your extensions you want them to look as natural as possible.Hair naturally thins out as you get closer to the ends of your hair.Using a pair of thinning shears start about 1 " down from the top of the extension and thin about 10% of the hair out.Then go half way down the hair shaft and thin another 10% out.Take a final 10% out of the bottom few inches of the hair.This will help the cut look more natural.

Stay away from acrylic, artificial hair.They wont last long and wear terribly.You cant use any type of heat on it at all.So no washing and drying, no curling or flat ironing...they just turn into an old ratty mess and will be in the trash before long.Not to mention the shed factor.A good set of extensions made with good hair can last 6 months or more with every day wear.

You want to wash them only when needed, let them dry naturally and style to match your hair.

A great fun project for teens as well! They can have that bright purple streak you've been fighting with them over with no commitment.

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