Thursday, April 30, 2009

Excuse Me Ma'am, But May I Have Your Hair?

If you had a choice to choose any hair in the world, would you change what you have?

I honestly can say my hair is the ONE thing I wouldn't swap for anyone else. Body.....well I would love to swap that with Evengeline Lily ....maybe with a little more hips and booty.... But I could definitely work with that.And I could actually AFFORD to eat a few Twinkies without guilt, ahhhhhh forget it, I would trash that body too.Ill just make do with with my fluffy body.

Everyone wants what they cant have. People with straight hair getting perms, people with curly hair getting straighteners, changing color, thinning hair, putting in extensions to make it longer, thicker and fuller, will it ever end?

Long before plastic surgery, women changed their hair and makeup to enhance their looks.
Now you can get fat sucked out of your body and formed into a Brazilian butt!

You would think that the options would be limitless by now on what you can do with your hair, but alas we are limited truly by mother nature in this aspect of beauty.
The closest thing to a real change is to have your own hair moved from one location to another, but its the same hair just in a different place.

So check it out and put your vote in!

I'm hoping against all hope that maybe some of you will realize, the hair you fight with and curse every day, is probably envied by someone else!

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