Saturday, April 4, 2009

Removing Artificial Nails Safely

When your ready to remove artificial nails the absolute worst thing you can do is just tear them off.The acrylic is bonded to your actual nail and you can rip holes straight through your nail exposing your nail bed which can be horrible painful.

Your nail bed will already be extra sensitive upon removal of the artificial nail because it has not been exposed to the normal everyday wear and tear that desensitizes the nails. You need to try to keep the trauma on the nail bed to a minimum to prevent further and possibly permanent damage.

You will need pure acetone to remove the acrylic.You can usually find this just about anyplace from a drug store to a home improvement store.

You can soak cotton balls in acetone and wrap the moistened cotton ball around the nail allowing it to soften the acrylic.Stick your whole hand inside a plastic bag and apply a heating pad to speed up the process of melting the acrylic.

A wonderful alternative to cotton balls and heating pads are little finger soak off pods!

You fill each "pod" with acetone and insert your finger.The heat from your fingers heats up the acetone for speedy removal.They also are alot less messy and less waste .

You can find these at online retailers or your local beauty supply may carry them as well.

Once the acrylic has softened some use an orangewood stick to gently roll away loose acrylic.It should peel away easily and not pull on your nail at all.Don't try to pry off half loose acrylic.Just re soak your fingers and repeat until all of the acrylic has melted enough to scrape away easily.

After you get all the acrylic off it is vital to use a conditioning oil on your cuticles and finger tips.Acetone severely dries skin out but unfortunately it is the only thing that melts acrylics.

Your nails may feel thin and brittle after the whole process.You will need to keep your nails short and trimmed until they have grown out.Any snags or weak spots in your nails caused during the application and removal of acrylics will catch and tear easily.

While there is no way to repair the natural nail there are ways to help the grow out process be less painful.

Using a strengthening clear coat will not actually strengthen the nail itself.The strength is in the product so keep a coat or two on your nails constantly until they have grown completely out.Taking a vitamin that helps with hair and nail growth may help your nails grow back faster and stronger.

You may be able to find a product like Essie Sensitivity which works much like the toothpaste that desensitizes teeth.This is great if your nails feel like they are fire and every bump or hot water touching your nails is unbearable.

Condition, condition, condition.Your finger tips have been through enough trauma so avoid over filing and buffing and keep the cuticle treatment with you at all times.

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