Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got A BFF? Have A Swap!

I have a best friend of about 15 years and I adore her taste in just about everything.We usually shop together or if one of us is out shopping we will call the other for verification of our purchases.I.E. I will call her and say " OK I'm looking at a black dress, do I have to much black or should I look at some color?" or "do you have any red patent heels to go with a retro 50's style dress?"

About 10 years ago when our kids were little and we were both poor as dirt, we came up with this great tradition.We would pool all our clothes we wore a few times or that didn't quite fit perfect.We wear the same size but she is 5 foot 10 inches and I'm 5 foot 1 inches so if it didn't fit one of us it may fit the other.We get together and try on each others clothes, shoes and makeup and trade oodles of things.

We do this 2 or 3 times a year and its just a blast.Its like having a personal shopper bring you tons of stuff to try on.Whatever just isn't working for either of us will go in a pile and we will decide who of our friends would look good in what.Then we go give it all away and some of our friends give us things back in exchange that didn't work for them and we get to fight over it!

Another great thing we do is when we go shopping together and we both love the same thing, we buy it for "mutual" usage.We will trade it back and forth or she will buy one color and I will buy another so we can swap colors after a while.

Right now we live 1.8 miles apart so it is easy to do.We even did this though when I moved to Florida and she was in Ohio for 2 years.We visited each other at least 3 times a year and we would pack a suitcase of things for the other person and trade up wherever we were.

We both are makeup addicts too so when I moved to Florida I started buying empty makeup pots with sifters ( let me know if you want to know where to get some I know a great website) We would buy stuff and split it in half and send the other a little box of new makeup.

We both have 13 year old daughters that are 3 weeks apart in age and now they do the same thing! It saves us both a ton of money on the girls and it is just plain ol' fun to do.

I kind of have a rule that if I haven't worn it in 6 months, it goes in the trade pile.Sometimes Ill get traded back the same thing I bought a year ago, but somehow forgetting about it makes it seem new and I remember why I bought it in the first place! But when it is sitting there staring at me and I want to wear something new it looks like the most boring thing Ive ever seen.


  1. Wow thats a really cool idea!!!

    My BFF is in US and im in India though :(
    but i'm surely gonna try it out when i move back!

  2. trade makeup and jewelry then! Its cheap to ship and fun to get a package of "new" stuff .It helps maintain long distance friendships too by doing something special for each other and it doesnt cost anything except a few dollars for shipping.