Thursday, February 25, 2010

THE BIG TEASE! How To Tease Your Hair.

So you want that OOMPH but every time you try to tease your hair for volume, it ends up STILL falling flat and looking like a hot mess.

Teasing takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it, you will find it to be a valuable skill in your hair styling.

I find it best to start with my hair already completely dry , straightened or curled. Do not use any type of firm hold styling product before beginning the teasing process because you need to be able to easily comb through the hair and smooth it over the teased sections without any added pulling to get through the hairspray because it will just pull out the teasing in the meantime.

Now decide where you want the volume to be .Your want your teasing to start about an inch in front of where you want the volume and continue to about 3 " BELOW where you want the volume. This will give you a good support base to keep your style in all day.

Begin taking small horizontal sections about 3 inches wide and a inch thick from the top. It is much easier to work from the top down.

Tease beginning about 1/2 inch down on the shaft.Once you tease the half inch nearest to the scalp you can work down the shaft a few inches and tease. This gives you a good locking base for your section to make sure it stays as close to your scalp as possible through the day.

Now once you have your first section teased go ahead and move onto the next section. Once you have the 2 sections teased you need to take both sections and lock them together by teasing the divide between them. This is a really important step most people do not know to do! If the sections are not locked you will not have a good base and your hair will fall in between the sections leaving you looking lumpy and ratty in a few hours. Every section needs to be secured to the others to make one solid piece of teasing. Keep flipping the sections you tease up towards your eyebrows and pick up the section below and tease it into the rest.

After you have completed your teasing all around your head take a FIRM hold aerosol spray and give it a good spray all around the teased area. Spritz hairsprays are not good for this sort of styling because they take too long too dry and make your hair wet in the process leaving your hair hard to smooth over. Make sure the spray is 100% dry before moving the hair.

Now you are ready to begin the smoothing and placing process. I like to use a natural boar bristle brush to do my smoothing working from the top down the hair shaft .If you use a vent brush it is easy to pull out your teasing while smoothing so be careful! Use your fingertips to gently hold the teased "nest" in place while you style the bottom of the hair.

Once you have it where you want it give your style a good spray with a medium hold spray. If you have a good base to your teased section a medium hold spray is all you should need.

Remember practice makes perfect hair!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Hats? Learning To Know When To Stop a Fad

I was walking in the mall this week with my teenage daughter and we kept noticing people who looked fresh out of a cartoon with fads and clown colored clothes all over the place!

I mean I'm all for a good fad now and then but WOW when do you know where to stop? There are teeny tiny hats made for leprechauns in every store.

From an editorial standpoint I can see the attraction on camera but when you see a 14 yr old chubby emo wannabe girl with pink hair and a baby hat you just gotta sit back and laugh.

I guess there is a time and place for everything is the key to wearing a fad successfully.

Take a look around and if you see your desired fad purchase worn in a way or place that is laughable, it is probably for the best that you steer clear of it.

If your not at a club or event where everyone is wearing tiny hats, and no one is taking photos of you, then you just look like you have a really fat head and cant get a hat to fit you.

Make sure the fad you choose fits the rest of your "persona" too. Only wearing one fad a time is recommended, but at least choose and ensemble that is complimentary to the fad you are wearing.

Be careful you aren't the next victim of People Of Walmart!

hehe check out the daisy dukes and the sweet converse shoes !

Erryns Health And Beauty On Facebook

SO I guess its time to get out of the stone age and ditch Myspace for good. Its like an abandoned playground anymore even with all they are trying to do to revive it .

We now have a Facebook page which we would LOVE to see everyone join in the fun! We are having a contest this month to see who has the worst salon horror stories( you know how I love a good salon horror story!)
Become a fan and join in! Even if you dont have a horror story yourself, you have the chance to vote for your fave story and help us decide on a winner.

Check out the discussion board for all the details!
I will be adding coupons, contests, tips and tricks and a great topics for discussion for all! I already spend WAYYYY to much time on FB so this will only add to my time management problems I am sure but HEY its my time to spend however I choose right!
Hope to see you there !

Long Time No Blog!

Busy Busy Busy!
Besides keeping our business up and running we have had some HUGE changes in our personal life. Blogging just became an afterthought.
My grandpa became ill and had ot be moved into an assited living facility and we had the wonderful task of auctioning everything off and helping both grandparents set up new living arrangments. I am gratful they are still around to do these things for...but it does consume quite a bit of time.
On top of all of that we bought a 150 yr old house in dire need of renovation and have spent countless hours remodeling. There has been days on end where I look at nothing but a wall all day sanding and painting, stripping wallpaper and patching holes. Its still not done but at least the worst is out of the way!

OH and we moved our ENTIRE inventory to a new location. Our last location was busting at the seams and we were renting storage facilities for the overflow! That ended up being a 2 month process getting it all set back up. Moving truckloads of bottles liquids is not much fun I tell ya!

So blogging is something that has been on the back burner for some time but IM BACK!

Take care all and hope all is well :>