Friday, May 1, 2009

Idiotic Sayings

I kind of have a problem with dissecting what people say to the point where it doesn't even make sense to me anymore.But I hate when people say things because that is just what you say in that circumstance without thinking it through.I do it too, I know, but when I notice I'm doing it I obsess over it until I'm about to loose my mind!

Same difference....I hear this alot and I don't get it.When your trying to express that 2 things are alike...why would you say they have the same differences? Are they the same or are they different? I mean both lard and toxic waste are bad for your body so are they the same since they both are bad for you even though they are completely different? How do you compare difference? AHHH this one really gets me baffled I cant think about it too much or I get dizzy.

Unthaw...ya I know some people who say they are going to unthaw some meat for are they going to eat frozen meat? My son has the same "literal" issues I do and when he was little I would say, "would you like me to make you a frozen pizza?" and every time he would reply, "no mommy I would like a cooked pizza" like I ever handed him a frozen Tony's and said go at it.

More than I can count....really? I mean for real? wow........ Skip using this one unless it is literall more than you can count like grains of sand, stars in the sky or blades of grass.If you are referring to something under a trillion or so, just say alot of times or you just look like you dropped out of school in 2nd grade.

You did not!....Yes I did, I just said I did, why are you arguing with me...

They...Who are they are why do you listen to them? They could be a group of morons for all I know.I don't care what they say.Give me names people!

You cant have your cake and eat it too....What the ? Who came up with this one? So you can only eat cake you don't have? How exactly does that work? Why would you have cake you cant eat? Another really baffling statement.

If its not one thing its another...GENIUS! No S**T!

It is always in the last place you look....Why would you keep looking for it after you find it? Of course it is the last place you look.

I could care less...This is generally said when a person means something doesn't mean anything to them. So by stating you could care less implies that you care at all, because if you didn't care, you couldn't care less. Try putting a different verb in place of care and see what happens. "I could smell less" So you must have an odor to be aware you need to have less of an odor. "I could run less" Well honestly I couldn't run less if I tried.

literally.... This is usually said to express the sincerity of something that is not literal. Example " I am so hungry I could literally eat a cow" Ill call you on that one! I want to see you eat the fear factor parts of the cow!

I could go on for hours on this, literally....

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  1. haha you are so right! (again) - Although I fall foul of some of those. But, I hate it when people say "Shut up?" when you say something surprising. I feel it's so rude. Also makes me feel old (usually young person says it to me)

    Great post! x