Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Wedding Hair Tips For 2009

Spring time is rapidly approaching and with spring comes I Do's.In the rush to make all your last minute plans and fittings...dont forget to make an appointment with your stylist for a consultationand trial run for your hair and makeup!

Ask your stylist if he/she feels comfortable doing your selected style on your special day.Updo's and special occasion styling can be a very difficult and takes specialized training and alot of work to do.If your stylist isnt comfortable with doing this type of look I bet they know someone who can do it! I have always been dubbed the UPDO queenand everyone sends their clients to me for special occasion do's.This is common practice in this situation so dont feel badly for asking your stylist reccomendation.Alot of stylist absolutely HATE doing weddings because of they just dont feel comfortable being in that position for such a special day.They may be the queen of cut or color but not so apt in the curls and pins department.Its a whole different ball game.

  1. Make your appointment way ahead of time so your sure you can get in and out when you need to.

  2. Bring your tiara,veil or clips in with you on your trial run so you can decide on placement.

  3. Take pictures of your hair at different angles to remind your stylist exactly what they did on the run through and you can critique the photos and decide if there is anything you want tweaked on your day.Wear the style around and see how it will hold up to changing clothes and weather.Jump around and dance a little ,see if anything flops or comes loose.

  4. Take the pins out and see how difficult it will be for you to take down and how it will look after all is said and done.You dont want to get to the hotel and fight with your hair.Im sure youll have better things to do then:>

Before you visit your stylist on trial run day figure out what theme your looking for.Long gone are the days of fussy wedding hair that competes with your dress for attention.In is hair that compliments your overall look and enhances your natural beauty.Bring in several of your favorite photos so you can see what will work best for your hair.

  • Classic elegance? A simple pulled back classic chignon is always timeless and elegant.

  • Soft Romantic?A soft wave adds a delicate romantic touch to an up do without looking over the top.Try a simple loose braid to dress up the look a bit.

  • Easy Natural Beauty?Alot of brides are wearing their hair down or half down now.Soft tangled locks with a beautiful simple accessory or a gentle natural wave will make your look like you don't even have to try to be drop dead gorgeous.The soft romantic looks are easily transitioned into the easy natural beauty looks for a hair change at your reception too!Then you can dance the night away without worrying about your hair flopping or pins poking.

  • Short hair?You can still do something special with your hair for your special day.Try a retro wave or a simple accessory to spice it up a little.

Keep in mind the weather! Spring can bring the unexpected rain and humidity so plan for the worst and hope for the best.Don't try to fight your natural hair texture on your wedding day.If you have naturally curly hair, opt for a curly or wavy style so you don't end up with a head of fuzz.If it takes a gallon of spray to make your hair curl, stay away from the overly curled looks so if it gets damp outside your not left with a sticky mess.

Buy an old lady rain bonnet to keep nearby just in case you have to dash to the limo in the rain.
Talk to your stylist and see if she or someone she knows would be available to do touch ups!Ideally it would be perfect to have a touch up person to check you over right before you go down the aisle after your get dressed,before and during photos and before you go to your reception if you want to change dresses and possibly let your hair down to PARTY!

Remember most importantly of all,no matter how much you plan something will always go wrong.Don't stress it! Its all about you day so look beautiful, be in love, let everything else work itself out and enjoy.

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  1. Another amazing post!! I'm printing this out for when my special day finally comes...! Thanks!