Thursday, March 12, 2009

Classic Bob Gone 2009 Chic

The old blunt heavy bob has a new shape now-a-days with great stacking,layering and angles.
Showing up all over the red carpet are the latest versions of this classic hair style.
The bob is ideal for oval and long thin face shapes but just about anyone can wear a bob if it is the right length to balance you facial features.
  • If you have a round face stick with a bob that hits well below the chin line with stronger lines to balance the roundness.
  • If you have a larger chin and angled features, you may want to stick with a softer wispier bob with layers .
  • A shoulder skimming bob is great for the less adventurous souls who want a sleek cutting edge haircut but still want to be able to pull their hair back.

Although a bob looks like the simplest haircut, It is actually the hardest haircut to master.Make sure your stylist is well experienced so you don't end up with a choppy triangle instead of a sleek bob.

Terms to use to express to your stylist what you want:
  • Victoria Beckham/sling bob/inverted bob/stacked/textured
  • Jenny McCarthy/shoulder skimming sling bob/soft long layers/bulk out of bottom
  • Gwenneth Paltrow/Blunt shoulder length bob/uniform length in the front /sling back.
  • Paris Hilton/Just below chin /rounded/alot of inverted layers/piecey/whispy/soft bangs
  • Katie Holmes/Chin length/round/extremely layered/textured/whispy
  • Nicole Ritchie/Uniform Length/Soft side swept bang/beveled weighted bottom

Remember to take your photos with you to the salon!


  1. I really want to try out the Gwenneth Paltrow one!!!
    Thanks for your advice... I think I'm going for a haircut this weekend! ^_^

  2. Thats the best haircut on her ive ever seen!Way sexy and you can do alot with it.