Saturday, March 14, 2009

Huge Moving Sale Coming

We are currently outgrowing our warehouse space.To keep our inventory growing and to be able to keep more items available we will be relocating our entire inventory the beginning of May 2009.
Our new warehouse will be 10X larger than our current facilities.
We will be having a huge sale on items in our current warehouse to get ready for the move!

The sale will begin on Saturday April 21st. And run all week.

We will be having a private Pre-Sale the week before for customers who are subscribed to our mailing list the week prior to our public sale.You can join our mailing list at .Just fill out the box that says Join Our Mailing List.

When you join our mailing list here is what you can expect:

No spam or marketing emails

No sharing of your information ever

We will send you an email informing you of new items added to our inventory

You will receive private sale coupons from time to time

I HATE spam emails but I decided on making a mailing list because I get flooded with emails asking "please let me know when this product is in stock"We do not have the means or the manpower to keep track of every single person and every single product they are looking for.I wish we could, but this is the closest thing I could come up with to solve that problem.
We sell mainly discontinued and hard to find beauty products so our inventory is forever evolving and changing as products become discontinued or reformulated and items become scarce.

I also felt like our loyal and repeat customers deserve an extra bonus discount from time to time.
The presale for our moving sale will include coupons with even greater savings than our public sale!
Discounts will apply to Erryns Health And Beauty items only and will not include Ebay or prior purchases.

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