Saturday, March 14, 2009

Growing Your Hair Out From Any Length

Ive done it over and over again.Cut my hair all off then immediately begin the growing out process.Ugh what a nightmare.You want to hang on to every scraggly little piece of hair hanging down at its longest point.Your hair gets out of shape and everyone can tell your growing your hair out and you look a mess all the time.Finally you cant take it one more minute and decide it isn't worth the drama and tell you stylist you give up just cut it all off.Your stylist tries to talk you into getting a trim hoping you ll be able to cope better if it is just shaped up,but finally she gives in to your whining and just does what you ask.Then the guilt and regret kick in again ,you've set yourself back months .You worked so hard and went through all that for nothing to be back where you started.

Growing your hair out is a huge commitment.
Think of it like a 250 lb woman who decides she wants to be a size 4 and is committed to the process.She has that number set in her hear but after months of hard work and effort ,size 4 seems like an impossible number.So she gives up and thinks there is no way she can do it.We all know she should set small goals to keep herself motivated and it seems like a simple concept when it comes to weight.
This same concept can be applied to growing your hair out!

Set a goal then set mini goals to achieve along the path to your ultimate goal.Pick a style a little longer than the one your wearing.Don't hang on to every thread of hair for the simple fact it is longer than another.Set yourself up to succeeed by growing into a versatile style that can be easily transformed into the next step in achieving your goal haircut.
Growing out in steps will help you feel like your getting someplace faster.You also will look like you are a chameleon of style instead of a frumpy mess

Growing out from:
  • Short Pixie
Aim for an ear skimming to mid ear style.Try to keep the nape short and grow some bulk in the crown and bangs to give yourself something to work with.
  • Ear skimming
Next step would be a style at your earlobe.Here is where you can start aiming for your goal style whether it is layered,a bob or decide on a bang.
  • Earlobe length
Now look for a chin length style that will grow out easily into what your going for.
  • Chin Length
Look for a flattering style that hits your collar bone.A shorter version of your ultimate goal hairdo is quite possible now!
  • Collar Bone Length
Check out collar length and shoulder skimming possibilities
  • Shoulder Length
After you get to your shoulders growing your hair out is a piece of cake.The floors the limit!!!!

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