Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Shipment In March 2009

We are adding new products all week so check for your favorite discontinued beauty products because they may be in stock now!
We have also added many of Essie and CND polishes to our inventory already.Cost per polish is only $5.99 with free shipping in the USA.We are planning on having hundreds of colors in stock by mid April.
Many sizes of CHI spring loaded curling irons are in stock again.They sell out fast so if your looking for one, grab it while you can!
We will also be increasing our inventory of Sebastian Trucco Cosmetics.We will have alot of new makeup in the catalog by the end of March 2009.
Most shades of Artec Colorist Collection Shampoo and Moisturizers are also in stock.These have been repackaged and reformulated as Loreal brand so the original Artec packaging and sizes will be increasingly hard to find.Loreal will no longer make the 32 Oz bottles of color shampoos and I have yet to find an 16 oz. bottles either shampoo or moisturizer.The new Loreal line will probably run about $20 per 8 Oz. bottle in salons.Artec Textureline products are also being changed due to the Loreal buyout.Many textureline products will simply not be manufactured anymore.We will try to keep as many of the Textureline products in stock for as long as we possibly can.
We get new shipments at least once a month sometimes twice a month so check back often.

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