Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have Trouble Getting Your Hair To Stay Up?

Ive already posted once on my fave pony tail holders that will hold ANY hair type which is Goodys Stay Put pony tail holders you can pick up just about anyplace.
But alot of people want to put their hair up other than with a pony tail.
Feel like you hair is too heavy to put up?Or too fine and limp and it just slides back out of place?

You are probably using your accessories wrong!

If you are using bobby pins make sure you cross them.One pin wont do you a bit of good they are made to interlock and stay in place.Try different sizes of bobby pins too.A big pin will slide out of fine hair and long thick hair needs a good size bobby pin to hold in place under the weight.

I love using chopsticks and with a little practice they can be your best friend.Twist your hair up as you want it the take the first chopstick and stick it through the bun on one side.Go straight in like your stabbing your head.Then gently turn the chopstick and push it down at an angle through your hair.Repeat on the other side crossing the sticks by sliding the second stick under the first.

The same method applies to large hair pins which come in a variety of designs and styles.

As far as barrettes go larger barrettes are for holding and smaller barrettes are for accessorizing so get the right barrette for the job.

A little trick I learned when my girls were little and had that silky baby hair was to help barrettes stay in is take your old glue gun and apply a thin strip of glue to the part of the barrette that comes in contact with your hair.It doesn't take alot of glue just a smear or thin beaded like will do.When you put your barrette in ,the glue when dry is almost like a rubber gripper to hold the barrette in place.

If you have any ideas,tips or tricks you use to keep your hair up in an unusual way wed love to hear about it!

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