Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Shampoo The Right Way

For years Ive seen shampoo commercials and advertisements featuring a girl lathering her long hair up into a wad of luxurious lather on top of her head in a hot steamy shower ....

I want to yell "STOP DOING THAT" every time not buy their shampoo. Makes my nether regions cringe in fright .

SO I thought I would write a step by step article for all those advertisers who are apparently more concerned with marketing what looks good instead of healthy hair.

  1. Brush your hair with a soft natural bristle brush.Get in there and get juices flowing in your scalp to release oils and detangle the hair before you get it wet.Wet hair is more elastic when wet so get as many tangles as you can out before you wash.
  2. Get your hair thoroughly wet with warm water.This opens the cuticle of the hair shaft allowing oils to come out and softens styling products.It also opens up the pores on your scalp similar to using a warm rag prior to shaving to open the follicles allowing dirt and debris to loosen.
  3. Apply your shampoo to your scalp area ONLY.Massage your scalp and work the dirt and oils loose.
  4. Rinse with warm water
  5. Apply a second shampoo starting again at your scalp and again use your finger tips in a gentle circular motion along your scalp to release any underlying oils in the skin.Work the shampoo down the shaft gently.NEVER EVER bring the ends of your hair up to the scalp.You want to keep your hair as tangle free as possible during the process.Don't matt your hair into a ball and scrub it into a tangled mess.Allow your hair to fall naturally and wash it in a downward motion to keep from roughing up the cuticle(outer layer)
  6. Rinse again in warm water.This allows the cuticle to remain opened up to allow for penetration of your conditioner.
  7. Apply conditioner from your nape line down to the ends.Avoid putting heavy conditioners directly to the scalp area because this can leave you looking greasy.Wait a minute or two and let the conditioner do its job.Shave your legs and whatnots while you wait.Run your fingers gently through your conditioned hair to make sure youve gotten the conditioner through all of your hair and remove any major knots gently with your fingers.
  8. Now a final rinse with cool water to seal the shaft and close down your scalp pores.
  9. Rough (not roughly) detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb.Just get any major knots out.
  10. Use a large paddle brush with cushioned base to detangle your hair the rest of the way, working in sections.Get any tangles out toward the bottom of the hair first then work towards the scalp.

Advertisers make showering seem so glamorous and everyone seems so happy to clean and lather while grinning orgasmically in the process.Maybe other people shower like that but when im in there im on a mission to get my peices and parts clean, exfoliated and shaved.So dont be fooled by the gimmick of the pretty wad of foam!


  1. Informative post Erryn...

    a doubt though... points 9 and 10, are they part of the showering process? i mean on wet hair? or once the hair is dry?

    thanks ^_^

  2. On wet hair.Once you get out of the shower and before you dry your hair.My whole point here was to stress the importance of being delicate with wet hair and shampooing in a way that it will be easier to comb your freshly washed hair out.
    If your not matting your hair while shampooing the comb out process is much much easier.