Thursday, February 12, 2009

Makeover Of The Month Febuary

This is Renee' A dear friend and client of mine who allowed me to take before and after photos to post here on my blog.
Renee' is over 60 !!! This goes to show with good skin care and the right makeup you can look as good or better than you did 20 years ago!
She is one HOT GRANNY if I say so myself.
We use a warm golden brown hair color on her with a base color of gold level 5.Her natural hair color is much darker about a level 2, but through the years we have lightened her color up and gave her more warmth to soften and compliment her changing skin tone and texture.

Here is a rundown of what we have used on Renee'
Conditioner:Pureology Hydrate
We blow dryed her hair out smooth and used a flat iron to touch up here and there .I applied the super skinny serum both wet and dry and finished her hair with a medium hold spray for softness and touchability.
Makeup list ;
Powder:Bare Escentuals Tinted Mineral Veil (Sephora)
Bare Escentuals Weather Everything Liner Sealer (Sephora) I mixed this thin and used as a liquid eye shadow and thicker as a liner for lashline.This helps with making the shadow look "fresh" even in the creases in the eyes and it makes it waterproof!I also used the same shadow to fill in her eyebrows a little to help them frame her face a little more.
I also used Lola Eye Shadow in Dreamin to highlight under her brow bone sweeping all the way across with a larger brush.It is a neutral flesh tone with just a hint of shimmer to give her eyebrows a "lift".
Mascara used is Imju Fiberwig paint on false eyelashes from Sephora.It has tiny fibers in it that attach to your natural lashes and lengthen them.It is water resistant and comes off easily with plain water but doesnt run.I love this stuff!!!
First I covered them with a bit of foundation to help with feathering and bleeding then we used Lola lip pencil in HOT.A vivd pinky red satin gloss lip pencil.
Thanks again Renee'!

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