Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Your wandering the grocery store aisles alone with dreams of a new look but don't have the cash.So you wander into the aisle where hair color is stacked sky high with pictures of beautiful women on the boxes.So now to decide ..blonde?redhead?black?brunette?It seems so simple.Pick the picture you like go home and VIOLA!20 minutes later you look like the lady on the box.....

Then the harsh reality sets in.Your naturally dark brown hair has suddenly turned a lovely shade of clown...

"But I know alot of people who do their hair at home and it looks great!"is not an excuse.

You got a little too ambitious.

Following a few simple rules can help you from looking like a crayon color.
  • Check out what your natural shade is ...then check out the color on the box.If the color on the box is more than 2 shades different than your natural hair color....leave it to the pro's!

  • Dont dye your hair black!!If you have very dark brown hair or already black hair then your within the 2 shades range.But if you have ANY other shade of hair DON'T DO IT!The only way you'll get the black out is with scissors or bleach so be prepared to commit.
  • If you have any shade of brown,red or black hair don't try to go blonde yourself.Brunettes and redheads have to go through the red/orange stage of hair decolorization and if your hair color gets stuck there....well lets just say it ain't pretty folks.

  • If you've already made a mess of your hair color..for goodness sake don't make it worse!Don't go buy a different box of hair color and assume that will fix anything.Put a hat on and go to the salon.

  • Stripping your color DOES NOT take your hair back to its natural color.It removes a degree of ALL hair color even natural hair color.Your hair will be considerably lighter and probably reddish or gold.The reason for color stripping is to lighten old color for new color application because DYE WONT LIFT DYE.Just like if you dye a shirt red...putting blue dye on the shirt doesn't make the shirt blue...it just adds more color to the mix making the shirt purple.
  • Don't buy your hair color at a grocery store!There are beauty supply places like Sally's just about everyplace that are open to the public.Its a huge step up from grocery store hair color,probably costs less,and you'll get a little more direction from the staff than the stock boy can provide.

Hair color correction can be costly.It can run up to $250+ PER HOUR.Why? Because NO ONE WANTS TO FIX YOUR SCREW UP!It is stressful ,unpredictable and time consuming.Use common sense and don't do drastic changes at home.Maintenance on an already existing look is easier than a whole makeover so plan on visiting you stylist for the first time.It is worth dropping a little cash at first instead of alot of cash in the end and still not having what you wanted.


  1. yep. I've made that mistake before. I tried to colour my naturally dirty blonde hair to a medium brown at home. unfortunately the colour took too dark and my hair was pretty much black!
    One expensive trip to the hair salon later, I was back to my natural colour, but I had to strip my hair down to almost light blonde then re-colour it the proper shade of dark blonde and then add highlights to help hide any unevenness.
    This finished result looked great BUT I had to cut a lot of hair off because of all the damage. And in the end I went home with almost the same colour I had before I had tried to colour it.
    that was years ago, I have not attempted anymore than the occasional root touch up at home since.

  2. Oh that isnt too bad Lisa.I had a girl come in once with no lie...platinum blonde roots with the mid shaft flaming orange(like the actual color of an orange)and the ends were a very pretty aqua blue !That was fairly simple to fix but when you attempt darker on blonde hair you can get too dark very very easy and that is a nightmare to fix.But at least you were still in the natural hair color zone and didnt have to go in public looking like a crazy person:>