Friday, February 6, 2009

E.L.F.$1 Cosmetics Review...Im Shocked!!!!


So I am a sephora junkie.I love my high end makeup.Especially Smashbox,Bare Escentuals,Benefit,Stila.....Imean I love the good stuff.

So I go to the grocery store to pick some things up and get some lip gloss for my 4 year old.I see this rack standing alone with a big sign that says $1 E.L.F Cosmetics full of all kinds of beauty products.

I have to check this out....What kind of makeup cost $1 anyway?Makeup for my 4 year old possibly to play in?


So I drop $10 on 10 items.I found a great variety of beautiful colored lip glosses and cover stick and hilighting sticks that I thought looked pretty enough.

I get home and rip it all open and try everything on.

First of all I would like to say the smell of every product is GREAT! I hate lip gloss that tastes or smells funky.I was pleasantly suprised.The texture was excellent.Not overly sticky or watery.I must say, I really really like their glosses!

And I absolutely love their all over color sticks
Ive been using them as blushes,hilighters,eye contour
you name it...It really does go all over!

I have all different
shades from shimmery bronzers to sheer rosey pinks

I set it with my Bare Escentuals ID Mineral Veil.

On thing im not too impressed with was the cover stick.
I mean it does cover well but it is very thick and it never seemed to dry so my powder stuck to it.

The packaging sometimes fails and the tubes dont wind up and down well but all in all for $1 you cant beat it with a stick.

Their brushes are fairly decent as well.I would put them more in thequality of a $7 10 $10 range rather than the $1 range so not a bad deal.
Here is the link to E.L.F.
An no im not a sponsor i get nothing for sending you to this website and noone asked me to do it
I just think this is a great option for any woman who is looking for a good inexpensive way to look like she spent a million bucks on herself!
I would love to know if you have tried E.L.F and what your reviews are as well!

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