Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Deal With A Bad Haircut

We've all had a bad haircut or bad perm at least once.
If you've had this happen to you first of all don't let the same stylist try to fix their mistake!Call the salon and ask for the manager and let them know you either want the manager to personally fix this or refund your money.Stick to your guns here.I know you want to give your original stylist a chance to redeem herself and learn from her mistakes...But a salon manager should be able to look at any mistakes and know what training her employees may need so your actually doing your original stylist a favor by doing this.Plus if you really wanted to be a training experiment you would have went to a beauty school and got a bad haircut for $5 instead.
Don't want to resort to a ponytail or tucking your hair behind your ears?
Your choices are shaving your hair all off or it is time to check out new styling techniques to hide that hot mess going on up on top of your head.

  • Long straight hair too short or uneven?

Check out all the awesome new clip in extensions around!You can find about every style/color/price range you can imagine.You can even take your extensions in to your NEW stylist and have them cut the extensions to match and if you get ones that are 100% human hair they are even dye able!

Try a triple barrel curling iron!The texture will hide a multitude of sins.Use like the old crimping irons and press hair between the plates and release then move down the shaft until you get to the ends.

  • Wavy long hair a wreck?

Again texture is your friend.Try using a sea salt texture spray and scrunch your waves while using a diffuser on your dryer for that beach babe hotness.

  • Bangs too sort?

Try a silk scarf or bandanna !Or sweep them off to the side using a piecing paste for texture and hold.

  • Short hair messed up?

Make it more messy! Molding cremes,waxes and sprays can be a great way to play with texture and movement.Skip the sleek polished looks until your hair is back where you want it to be and use this as an opportunity to be funky and playful!

And look on the bright side.......things could be much much worse...


  1. Oh I LOVED this post, soooooo useful!!!! I am definitely bookmarking this page as sadly my hair is giving me grief. I'm getting my hair done again next wk, fingers crossed it won't be a disaster. Thank you so much again for these tips! Loving your blog xx

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