Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is There a Difference In Salon and Drug Store Hair Products?

Ive heard this debate a million times.People say that products bought at a local grocery or drug store are no better or worse than salon brand hair care.Some people say the opposite and would never let a product from a grocery store touch their precious locks.So what is the truth?BOTH!!

To compare drug store products to salon brands is like comparing Wal-Mart clothes to Neiman Marcus clothing.Some clothes from Wal-Mart are great and work for certain situations but are they of the same quality as Neiman Marcus?Of course not.You really get what you pay for.There are ingredients and scientific research that cost alot of money that go into salon products hence raising prices.A $1 bottle of suave is not going to have the same money invested in its formulation as a $25 bottle of Matrix shampoo especially considering Suave is paying who knows how much for television marketing and the like.

There are even levels of quality in salon brands.Alot of brands have Top Shelf lines.For example Graham Webb makers of Back to Basics also has a line called HALO that is higher quality than Back to Basics.
Pureology has high quality overall but they also have their Nanoworks line which will easily cost you at least 60 bottles of Suave.
Does this mean you HAVE to go spend a ton of money for quality hair care or your hair will just be a horrid mess?
Not at all!! Drug store shampoo will get your hair clean of course and drug store conditioners may make your hair a bit better in condition .Styling products will still work from Wal-mart just like their clothes will still keep you from being naked.Its all a matter of what you want to spend and what works for you.Buy the best brand you can afford and take care of your hair.Don't over process your hair when you cant afford the products to repair the damage!
Are there good products at the drug store to save you some cash?Yes but knowing where to skimp and where not to is the key.If you have virgin hair that is as healthy as the day you were born you can probably be OK with any shampoo.If you have dry,colored,permed,problem hair you need something more conditioning.I think the #1 most important investment is your conditioner.Repairing and keeping your hair healthy is vital.A gentle shampoo and a good conditioner will make a big difference.Mix and match products until you find what works for you.
Worried about the costs involved in finding your perfect combo? Here are some tips!!!
Ask for samples at your salon or ask if they have a styling product you are considering buying on backbar and if you can come back to a station and try the product out for yourself on your own hair before purchasing.If one salon wont let you try it out then go to the mall and go to the salons there asking to try things out.Only buy where they let you try it first.This will save you spending tons of money on products you will never use.
Return products if they don't work for you!You can return used products to the salons they send them back to the manufacturers and get refunded their costs .And you can return products to the drug stores as well!You would return a shirt if you got home and it didn't work for you and you can try a shirt on at the store so don't feel bad for returning something you cant "try" before purchase.
You may find a wonder product at CVS and one at the salon ,you never know!Same with cosmetics and skin care.Find what works best for you in your budget and don't rule any product out based on advertising ,cost ,or prestige.
Don't Blame Your Lack Of Skills On Your Products!!
That blame falls on the stylist who fails to educate you on how to use the products you have and can afford.Take your products you have to your stylist and ask for a lesson on how to do your hair.Dont buy more products you dont know how to use.Ask them to let you do your own hair under their direction.You'll learn alot and your stylist will learn how to help their clients with better education in the future.

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