Friday, February 20, 2009

It's All Gel To Me! A Guide To Mens Styling Products.

Most mens personal hair care regiment consists of shampoo and gel.You go to the salon or grocery store and pick up the first manly looking bottle of gel you see never asking what it actually does for fear of looking prissy.Get home put it in after your shower and comb your hair in place perfectly knowing full well after your hair is dry it cant be touched for fear of flaking or cracking your otherwise perfectly molded ken doll hair.

I just want you men out there to know there is something better and easier!
Why do you need to use conditioner on your hair?Next to scalp health the best reason for men with short hair still need to use conditioner because it gives your styling products something to bond to.This in turn helps keep your styling products from flaking !(nothin worse than a flaky head)
Here is a quick rundown of what is what in the sea of hair styling products for men and what they do.

Firm Hold Gel:Firm hold wet look.Once dry cannot be moved
Light Hold Gel:Dry look less hold .Medium to light holds.
Pomade:Workable never dries completely giving flexibility while styling varied holds available to slick your hair back ,control curls, or add shine.
Wax:Comes in spray,stick or puck.Gives texture with very light hold.Lots of workability
Paste:Thick workable but dries to a semi moveable style.Lots of texture.Varied holds.
Creme:More texture than hold.Great non flaking alternative to gels because of workability.These also come in Firm Hold formulas for hold and style.
Clay:Twist,thicken and mold your hair.Very dense styling product with extreme styling properties.Matte finish.

TIGI B For Men

TIGI Graphic Codes

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