Friday, February 20, 2009

Does Your Hair Need Prozac?

Why do we have bad hair days?

Does your hair ACTUALLY have moods?

Does your hair have PMS?

Does your hair have multiple personality disorder?

Usually bad hair days can be attributed to weather.If you have curly or even wavy hair the humidity in the air can turn your head into a frizzy mess.Try using an oil based styling product under your regular products.This forms a barrier that blocks the moisture out of the hair shaft.I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum on just about everyone.It is lightweight even for fine hair to keep your hair from going limp from moisture in the atmosphere.

Static in the air can affect your hair as well.One of my favorite quick tips I give to clients in keep a dryer sheet in your purse.Not only will it make your purse smell good but when your hair starts standing up on end...just rub the dryer sheet over your hair to eliminate the flyaways and static!

Often its really us having a bad day working with our hair.If your hair isnt doing what you want that day...dont hairspray the heck out of it to make it stay.Youll just wind up a gooey mess.

Opt instead for back-up hair do's other than the traditional pony tail bun or clippies.Try scarves,headbands,waving irons,a cute braid or variations on your usual hairstyle to compensate for your hairs "moods".

Classic case of "if you cant beat em..join em..."Trying to whip your hair into shape to do the same thing every day can lead to sad depressed hair do's anyway.Maybe your bad hair day is really a rebellion ,an uprising of the follicles to overcome the everyday routine of boredom.

Think of your bad hair day as an opportunity for change!

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