Monday, May 18, 2009

Tangles Knots Tears & Kids Hair

Combing out tangles after a bath can be one of the most grueling tasks of the day.Tears, whining,bribes are issues familiar to any mom just trying to take care of your little ones hair.

Although kids shampoo's are tearless, they do lack conditioning and can leave hair full of knots and tangles. When your little one is able to avoid getting shampoo in his or her eyes, switch to a shampoo that meets the growing needs of their hair.Also don't skip the conditioner! Apply it from the nape down, let it sit for a minute or two while everything else gets scrubbed and rinse it with a cup of water down the back.Keeping the conditioner just on the back of the hair helps keep it from running into their eyes. You can also gently rough detangle the hair with your fingers while the conditioner is in the hair to help release some of the major knots.

After the bath you can use a leave in light detangling spray to help with the tangles.My girls both had/have long heavy hair and detangler does little to nothing for them. If you have this problem too, try an anti frizz serum like Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.These products contain oils that help not only fly aways and static, but help the tangles slide out alot easier.

Use a good large cushioned paddle brush for detangling and a softer natural bristle brush for finishing when dry for the least painful haircare.

Tie it up! If your little one takes a bath before bed, use a soft scrunchy or pony tail holder that wont break their delicate hair and tie it into a loose braid or pony tail. This helps for the next morning to keep the knots down.

Little men have issues all of their own! Bed head, cowlicks and not being able to sit for more than 5 seconds to let you fix them up. A quick easy fix when you have to head out is keep a spray bottle around with half water and half soft hold liquid gel mixed together in it. Boys always think getting sprayed is a good time! A little hold to keep things in check and the water helps redirect the bedhead back to its normal position.

Of course your always going to have gum, candy and other sticky stuff to contend with along the way. Try using ice to harden the sticky goo and chip it away little by little.Or you can try a product with oil of some sort to soften the mess and help it slide out.Alot of people use peanut butter, margarine or mineral oil. I prefer the ice method so I don't have to wash the oil out after.

Lock up the scissors as best you can, but if you have older kids chances are, there will be experiments in hairdressing. It happens to the best of us.Try not to panic and cry. Its just hair no big deal, it grows and it gives you a good story to tell! Take lots of pics to show future boyfriends/girlfriends. And make a trip to the salon and get a game plan to grow it out.

Don't skimp on cheap junk products for your little ones hair. Time is money, and getting the right product for his/her hair will save you oodles of time, and save your baby oodles of tears. It is worth the investment to make both of your lives simpler.


  1. Good advice! I like the cup for washing hair in the pictture too :). I never really used detangler cause it doenst work the best on my daughters hair. I use conditioner and that helps the tangles.


  2. Same here, I think detangler works for baby hair that cant handle the weight of real conditioner ONLY.Real tangles need real conditioner. I forgot to mention in the blog article too keeping the ends trimmed helps a TON!

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  4. My favorite hair products are the Paul Mitchell Original shampoo and conditioner. After I wash and condition my hair, it feels so clean and refreshed, I love these products because they're inexpensive and I feel like I just left the salon!

  5. Ive never been a huge paul mitchell fan in general.There are a few incredible products in their line I like but overall I use Pureoloy Hydrate.I Love Goldwell Kerasilk too but I am allergic to air. Not really I think some fragrances or something make me itch and whatever it is that bothers me, pureology doesnt have it. I havent used PM original since beauty school 18 years ago tho.If it works for you though that is awsome! But if your little one seems to have an itchy back alot were the shampoo and conditioner run down, play around with trying different shampoo and conditioner.

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