Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Battle Of The Bald, Should I Have Surgery?

I do understand men are vain about their hair.Some more than women! Loosing your hair can be a traumatic experience for anyone.

There are clubs and doctors and all kinds of products out there that go to unbelievable measures to restore hair to its original position.If you are contemplating having your scalp dissected and relocated, why not try giving bald a chance before you scar up your head!

Keeping your hair cut short lessens the impact of the balding effect.

More and more men are looking hot and sexy with a fully shaved cranium.

Check out these pics of stars with their pre-shaved and post shaved looks

I personally think all these men look much better in the bald.If you feel too naked bald try growing a goatee or play around with the facial hair growth in different styles until you find your look.

Shaving it off is an easy painless process that can be reversed at any time! Just don't shave it for a week or two and VIOLA! you got hair again.Then you can carry on with your medical intervention.But you may love being bald! And don't believe that women only like men with hair.Its all about your style. A bad hair plug job isn't going to make the ladies ooh and ahh over you.Combing what hair your have left over your naked scalp is definitely going to scare them off.Being confident is the key. A shaved head says ya, I may have lost my hair, but who cares! I'm still a tough sexy man beast.

Just make sure your putting some sunscreen over your newly nekkid scalp so you aren't miserable when it gets burned!

I would love to hear from some other ladies out there. What is your viewpoint on bald men? What advice do you have to give to a man who is considering hair transplant surgery? I think alot of men would love to have a woman's honest opinion without having to ask.

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