Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adventures With A Crimping Iron & A Four Year Old

This is Aislyn Blue my youngest of 3 kids.My oldest is a girl as well and when she was little I was really into the braids and clips and unique updo type hair do's.Anything unique was my motto back then.
With Aislyn, I tend to let her locks flow more freely and I love the natural look on her.Maybe I am drawn to natural beauty more due to ageing and fading youth myself.
But the chronic stylist in me couldn't resist trying out my newest crimping iron on her.
I used my Conair infinity deep waving iron.I really love it.The temperature goes up to 395 degrees!
I find that important when using a crimping iron.If it isnt hot enough to wave in 3 or 4 seconds, your hand get tired out before your done, and you apply less and less pressure causing the waves to be less defined.
I rubbed a little anti frizz serum through her hair and crimped it in sections about 4 " wide and 2 " thick starting at the nape area.
I sprayed each section with TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hair Spray and crimped my way down from roots to ends.
I just used my fingers to separate the waves a bit and place them where I wanted to go.
She is a hairy little thing as you can see and the whole process took about 15 minutes.
Were going on day 2 and her hair still look great!


  1. aww adorable! Those curls look amazing, I hope my hair gets long enough to do that one day!

    I must admit I spied your hair show pics yesterday - your daughters look just like you, in fact if it wasn't for "something that gave it away" (wink wink) I actually nearly thought it might be your 12 year old again!! Honestly how do you do it!! You look great. I wish you had more Show pics, you MUST bring your camera next time!! looked like great fun, heaven! xx

  2. HAHA I will bring my camera this time! I was very upset at myself last time.

  3. What model is it?