Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long Time No Blog!

Busy Busy Busy!
Besides keeping our business up and running we have had some HUGE changes in our personal life. Blogging just became an afterthought.
My grandpa became ill and had ot be moved into an assited living facility and we had the wonderful task of auctioning everything off and helping both grandparents set up new living arrangments. I am gratful they are still around to do these things for...but it does consume quite a bit of time.
On top of all of that we bought a 150 yr old house in dire need of renovation and have spent countless hours remodeling. There has been days on end where I look at nothing but a wall all day sanding and painting, stripping wallpaper and patching holes. Its still not done but at least the worst is out of the way!

OH and we moved our ENTIRE inventory to a new location. Our last location was busting at the seams and we were renting storage facilities for the overflow! That ended up being a 2 month process getting it all set back up. Moving truckloads of bottles liquids is not much fun I tell ya!

So blogging is something that has been on the back burner for some time but IM BACK!

Take care all and hope all is well :>


  1. Oh, Erryn! You've been gone a very long time! Glad to see you back here and updating us on what's been going on. Your new house may need a lot of work but I'm sure the end results would be worth it! :D

  2. Thaks wit! I love old houses and my hubby and I have always wanted to do this together so it has beena blessing and a curse! Its been a long road but I am trying to set aside time for blogging again :>

  3. I got alot of peoples blogs to visit and catch up as well :O