Sunday, February 14, 2010

Erryns Health And Beauty On Facebook

SO I guess its time to get out of the stone age and ditch Myspace for good. Its like an abandoned playground anymore even with all they are trying to do to revive it .

We now have a Facebook page which we would LOVE to see everyone join in the fun! We are having a contest this month to see who has the worst salon horror stories( you know how I love a good salon horror story!)
Become a fan and join in! Even if you dont have a horror story yourself, you have the chance to vote for your fave story and help us decide on a winner.

Check out the discussion board for all the details!
I will be adding coupons, contests, tips and tricks and a great topics for discussion for all! I already spend WAYYYY to much time on FB so this will only add to my time management problems I am sure but HEY its my time to spend however I choose right!
Hope to see you there !

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