Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Hats? Learning To Know When To Stop a Fad

I was walking in the mall this week with my teenage daughter and we kept noticing people who looked fresh out of a cartoon with fads and clown colored clothes all over the place!

I mean I'm all for a good fad now and then but WOW when do you know where to stop? There are teeny tiny hats made for leprechauns in every store.

From an editorial standpoint I can see the attraction on camera but when you see a 14 yr old chubby emo wannabe girl with pink hair and a baby hat you just gotta sit back and laugh.

I guess there is a time and place for everything is the key to wearing a fad successfully.

Take a look around and if you see your desired fad purchase worn in a way or place that is laughable, it is probably for the best that you steer clear of it.

If your not at a club or event where everyone is wearing tiny hats, and no one is taking photos of you, then you just look like you have a really fat head and cant get a hat to fit you.

Make sure the fad you choose fits the rest of your "persona" too. Only wearing one fad a time is recommended, but at least choose and ensemble that is complimentary to the fad you are wearing.

Be careful you aren't the next victim of People Of Walmart!

hehe check out the daisy dukes and the sweet converse shoes !


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