Thursday, February 25, 2010

THE BIG TEASE! How To Tease Your Hair.

So you want that OOMPH but every time you try to tease your hair for volume, it ends up STILL falling flat and looking like a hot mess.

Teasing takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it, you will find it to be a valuable skill in your hair styling.

I find it best to start with my hair already completely dry , straightened or curled. Do not use any type of firm hold styling product before beginning the teasing process because you need to be able to easily comb through the hair and smooth it over the teased sections without any added pulling to get through the hairspray because it will just pull out the teasing in the meantime.

Now decide where you want the volume to be .Your want your teasing to start about an inch in front of where you want the volume and continue to about 3 " BELOW where you want the volume. This will give you a good support base to keep your style in all day.

Begin taking small horizontal sections about 3 inches wide and a inch thick from the top. It is much easier to work from the top down.

Tease beginning about 1/2 inch down on the shaft.Once you tease the half inch nearest to the scalp you can work down the shaft a few inches and tease. This gives you a good locking base for your section to make sure it stays as close to your scalp as possible through the day.

Now once you have your first section teased go ahead and move onto the next section. Once you have the 2 sections teased you need to take both sections and lock them together by teasing the divide between them. This is a really important step most people do not know to do! If the sections are not locked you will not have a good base and your hair will fall in between the sections leaving you looking lumpy and ratty in a few hours. Every section needs to be secured to the others to make one solid piece of teasing. Keep flipping the sections you tease up towards your eyebrows and pick up the section below and tease it into the rest.

After you have completed your teasing all around your head take a FIRM hold aerosol spray and give it a good spray all around the teased area. Spritz hairsprays are not good for this sort of styling because they take too long too dry and make your hair wet in the process leaving your hair hard to smooth over. Make sure the spray is 100% dry before moving the hair.

Now you are ready to begin the smoothing and placing process. I like to use a natural boar bristle brush to do my smoothing working from the top down the hair shaft .If you use a vent brush it is easy to pull out your teasing while smoothing so be careful! Use your fingertips to gently hold the teased "nest" in place while you style the bottom of the hair.

Once you have it where you want it give your style a good spray with a medium hold spray. If you have a good base to your teased section a medium hold spray is all you should need.

Remember practice makes perfect hair!


  1. Great post! Thanks for the tip about teasing two sections together to lock them. I don't think anyone's ever mentioned that before. :)

  2. That is actually the most important part! I learned how to tease from a 70 year old stylist who could rock out a beehive in 20 minutes flat and make it last for a WEEK! It is almost became a lost artform in the 90's and early 00's.

  3. Hi girl!
    Just passing through your blog to say thank you for letting me a nice comment on the Hair diary's blog.
    You have a great blog!
    Wish you the best^^


  4. Thanks Laine! Laine has a great blog on natural curly hair so check it out if you are considering breaking out of the chemical relaxing cycle!