Monday, January 26, 2009

DIY Hair at home

Times are tight right now and an increasing number of people are trying to cut costs by DIY hair color and more.
A Great way to extend your do at home is a quick bang trim.Don't get carried away with the old kitchen shears and hack yourself to pieces!Go to Sallys or another public beauty supply store and pick up a pair of hair cutting shears.You can get a cheap pair that will work just fine for about $15.Cutting your bangs wet can be a downfall due to shrinkage upon drying.Your best bet is to fix your hair as usual (skip the hairspray)and collect all the bang area into one section.Pinch all the bang area into one piece and hold between 2 fingers directly centered over the bridge of your nose.Hold your fingers low right above where you want to cut.If you need a half inch off then cut a quarter inch off in one smooth movement horizontally.When you release your hair the outside edges should be a bit longer than the center If you need a bit more off just repeat the process only cutting a minimal amount each time until you get your bangs to a manageable length to get you through until your next cut in a salon.
Want to venture into coloring your hair at home?
If you are looking for a major change in color (more than 2 shades darker or lighter)Then you shouldn't even consider DIY as an option.If your just looking at a retouch and you already know what color you have on your hair just try to ONLY do your regrowth that can be seen.Overlapping color can cause major damage.But if you are the kind of person who has regrowth showing after 2 or 3 weeks in your part line and around your hair line...find out what level color and tone of color you have on there and get a color close to that.I would recommend using a demi permanent color on your regrowth between salon visits and never using anything more than 10 volume developer to blend in the regrowth with the colored hair.This can extend your hair color visits to the salon by a few weeks pretty easy.By the time the Demi permanent color is fading out you ll be ready for an all over retouch and color refreshing in a salon.Make sure you run this option past your stylist and see if they have any pointers to help you stretch your color.
If you just want to put all over color on your hair to blend gray into your natural color then again go for a demi permanent color.Stay away from pre boxed color and opt for Sallys or another public beauty supply store.A 10 volume developer will just blend the grays in and the color will fade naturally leaving you with no line of demarcation as the roots grow in.If you really want to do permanent after you find the perfect shade you can move up to 20 volume developer but be careful not to overlap on retouch.You may need to enlist the help of a friend for a retouch.If your ends are fading then take the remaining color and mix it with half conditioner and pull it through to your ends for the last 5 minutes of processing just to freshen the ends up.
Don't go too far from your natural color or you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for a corrective color service in a salon!!!!

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