Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free And Low Cost Beauty Tips You Can Do At HOME!!

OK so its winter and your hair is a frizzy staticy mess...
Join the crowd.
GOOD NEWS!!!Taming the static is much easier and cheaper than you may think!
Nothing better than running a dryer sheet over your hair to de-static your hair.

Itchy scalp?
Try making your own sugar scrub at home.Just mix over the counter sugar with a lightweight conditioner and mix into a paste.Apply it directly to your scalp in sections.This will soothe and exfoliate your dry scalp and the sugar as it dissolves rinses away easily.

Itchy Skin?
This is one of my WORST issues.Winter time turns my skin into a dry itchy mess so I use my hair conditioner on my skin after I wash.Sounds odd i know but basically the PH of hair and skin are the same .Apply a quick thin layer of conditioner to your worst areas like legs and elbows and rinse it off quickly then pat yourself dry and apply lotion as usual.Youll notice a difference within a week that your skin actually feels "conditioned"

Now here are a few simple tips for your hair that cost you nothing but changing your habits.

Rinse your conditioner in cool water.I know it is a horrible way to end a hot steamy shower in cold water but ....your hair will love you for it.This seals down the cuticle sealing the conditioner inside the hair shaft giving your hair more shine.

Make sure you blow dry your hair with the dryer pointed from the roots to tips.This also helps keep the cuticle sealed and makes your hair shaft look smoother and shinier.It also cuts down on your flat iron time!

Avoid washing your hair every day if at all possible.Imagine what would happen to your favorite swater if you washed it every day!Even if you have problems with oily hair there are products out there made for this very problem.Check out this new dry shampoo TIGI Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Hair Shampoo 6.3 oz. .I Keep a can in every bathroom and one in the car!

Hope these little tips help and if you have hair problems or solutions please post them here!
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