Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Dry Hair Cutting Trends

The art of dry cutting hair is something that is not taught in beauty school. Most stylist learn their techniques through other stylist. Every hair show has a plethora of dry cutting techniques in every corner so if you are a stylist I urge you to take advantage of the learning opportunity provided at hair shows.

There are several advantages of dry hair cutting. You can see exactly what the hair is going to look like when it is styled and done. No worries about shrinking, excessive weight or the client being unhappy with the finished result. A few hairs taken out of the right spot can eliminate weighty areas and solve many styling problems. After all the most important thing is that your client can recreate the look at home with ease.

Alot of haircuts are simply impossible with wet cutting as well. The slicing techniques shown here using Hikari dry cutting shears would not turn out as well if done wet. Too much hair could be taken out very easily leaving holes.

Dry cutting is not something the novice stylist is able to master easily. Training is needed to perfect this technique. If you stylist is uncomfortable with the idea of dry cutting they really shouldn't attempt it until they have a little more education in this area.

There are some disadvantages of dry cutting. You need to take smaller sections than you do with wet cutting as you guide is more difficult to see. It also is rough on your shears and they need to be extremely sharp for best results. There are several brands of shears now that are made specially for dry cutting. Most of them are Japanese brands made of top notch materials to maintain their razor sharp edges for longer.

Dry cutting is great for curly hair as well! You can see exactly how the curl pattern lays when dry because you cant always cut curly hair 100% symmetrical. You also have no worries about where the length is going to end up dry.

Dry cutting can also take a little extra time and effort. The hair should be washed and dried then flat ironed for best results prior to cutting. Many stylist will perform the basic rough cut while the hair is wet and then cut the interior dry. Some prefer to do the entire cut dry. It really just depends on your comfort level.

In the end, the advantages of dry cutting far outweigh the disadvantages. Your clients will be amazed at the results and at how easy their hair is to style every day.


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