Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bold Brilliant Hair Color For The Everyday Woman

A few photos from my last hair show showcasing "unnatural" hair colors in all their glory!

This yellow is my favorite. For so long Ive had a distaste for the yellow tones that to me signify an under processed shade of blonde. But used as an accent color it simply pops in a brilliant but somewhat understated.

Brilliant teal placed strategically throughout the crown area accentuates this strong bold haircut.
The dark base color serves as a perfect backdrop for the panels of brilliant color.

This is not particularly my favorite haircut on this model but I love the sheen this magenta and purple gives off. Her base color is still a natural brown but the pop of color give it a whole new dimension.

This is by far one of the most versatile cuts that just about any woman can wear. She has orange and pink panels of color mainly through her part area on the top layer.I also like how the natural color has been left in her bangs.Sometimes unnatural colors can look harsh right up against the skin.

Now this model has an all over brilliant copper red with very fine yellow streaks placed delicately throughout providing somewhat natural highlights but with an overall vibrant feel.
I think the key to wearing a strong hair color without looking "trashy" is all in the cut and style. If your going to go for a bold color, get a bold cut to compliment the overall feel.


  1. oh very interesting!! I wish I could find a colourist who understood these things like you do, I have an amazing hairdresser for cuts but so far no luck finding an artistic visionary to give me great colour. After several disasters I think I'll be colouring it myself... Great post as usual xxxx

  2. I love the one with magenta/purple highlights. The colour's great, but I agree, the haircut's not.

  3. @ gail -if only I could play with your hair! Color is my favorite thing (in case you couldnt tell)
    @ whitoxicity - that could be a cute cut on the right person but her face is way to angular and long IMO. But I do love the color! Im not a huge fan of the choppy slanted bangs that look like a haircut your mom gave you when you were in 3rd grade to save money...

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