Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Greek Goddess Look

When they say what goes around, comes around they really mean it! It may have taken thousands of years for Greco-Roman styles to become popular again (toga party fashion excluded), but thank goodness it did. It brings us back to the simplicity of classic beautiful elegant design. Gladiator shoes, maxi dresses and beautiful draping and braiding in clothes topped off by a classic Grecian hair style can be seen every where you turn.

Maybe if all us women band together and embrace this trend our men will too! I personally wouldn't mind if there were sexy Spartans on every corner. Think of the money to be made in full body waxing....

But enough of that mindless banter and back to the topic of Greek Goddess hair. To get this look I would suggest a curling iron between 1" and 1.5 " for soft big curls. Another great option is buying a set of hot rollers. I know...soo 80's right? But once you get the hang of hot rollers you can set your hair in just a few short minutes, and get dressed or whatever while they set.
Once you hair your hair curled, flip your hair upside down and shake, using your fingers to mess the curls. Use a wide toothed comb or large pick to gently back comb the root area for volume and texture while your head is still upside down. Don't flip your head over yet! Before you do use a workable aerosol hairspray all over and finger through your hair separating loose curls.

Pull your hair up in sections and pin in place leaving random loose curls loose. Use a firm hold aerosol hairspray to set the style in place.Pull it all up or just part of it up.Or leave a side pony tail. Putting it up in sections leaves you the option of stopping at any time when you feel it looks right. Controlled messy is the key here.
Accessorize with a braid or twist the sections as you pin them in place. There is no set pattern of design for this look which make it easily creatable since you can rework it until it looks right.


  1. yes what a gorgeous universally pretty hair look! Pictures like this make me want to grow my hair. I feel like cutting it off again but it's been so long since I had long hair, I want to be able to drape it like that!

    P.S I think I need a good pair of hair straighteners, but haven't seen anywhere in UK that stocked that fave one you were talking about in your other post... don't suppose you have any ideas...

  2. Oh, that's such a fab look! "Controlled messy" - I like that phrase.

    I think I can manage to create loose curls based on your instructions, but it's putting the hair up that's the problem. I'm such a clutz with bobby pins, I'll probably end up with a messy mess! :P

  3. @gail...I dunno gail find a way to get one of these! Im in LOVE!!!! Ive seen them online at a few retailers.
    @witoxicity.... I did a blog post a while back about using hair pins. Its called haiving trouble getting your hair to stay up? Check in the March archives under how to articles.Let me know if helps any :>

  4. I've just read the March post and found the tips very useful. Thanks! You've posted many interesting articles on hair. I've got lots of catching up to do!

  5. Glad to help! Alot of people have trouble with hair pins.Once you figure the X thing out you can do just about anything:>

  6. Who is that girl in the second picture?? She's gorgeous and I love her hair!!

    1. By second picture I meant the girl after Vanessa hudgens. With the red jewelry